This week’s challenge is going to be different from any challenge we’ve done before. If you aren’t aware already, Her Blaze revamped their website.

It is new and it is amazing! But, as amazing as it is, we love feedback of those who support us and our mission. So, this week’s challenge is for you to play around on our website.

Click on the links. Spend some time getting to know our artists. Now, for the challenge part, tell us what you think.

Is there something you would change? How can we make it user friendly? What would you like to see?

Don’t be shy. If there is something you don’t like, we want to know that too. It is our goal to support all of our amazing artists in any way we can, and we can’t do that without you.


On the home page, you will immediately be met with our featured artist. This person is on our home page for an entire month!

It is a great way to showcase their art, accomplishments and any facts they want their fans to know.

We included links for their webpages/social media as well. You will also notice the ‘claps’ feature.

This is such an easy way to show support and to let us know you have visited the page. It is so simple!

All you must do is click on the clap count and yours will be added! For this month’s challenge, let’s see how many claps we can get.

Can we make it into the thousands within a week of rolling out our new website?


The next tab is the “What’s new” tab. This features our new artist submissions. It includes a sneak peek into each new artist and allows you to click on links that will take you directly to their sites as well.

My favorite tab is the Blog tab. Currently, it is empty but that is where our blog pieces will be. As with the other tabs, this will allow you to see each blog at the click of a mouse.

We listened, and heard, that many of our viewers struggled leaving feedback and interacting on the last site. It is our goal that this site will be user friendly.

After all, we want to hear from you. Your questions and concerns are important to us.

And your undying support of our amazing artists is paramount. Anything we can do to support you, to support our artists, we want to do!


So, since today is National Hot Chocolate Day, sit back and relax. Sip on your hot chocolate and spend some time looking at our new website!

Better yet, have some cake to celebrate Jackie Robinson’s birthday, after all, he would have been 102 today and that is definitely something worth celebrating.

As you embark on your journey to check out our new site, here’s a behind the scenes video for you to enjoy:

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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