Sylvie Pouilliaux Bridelance

Sylvie Pouilliaux Bridelance is one of our amazingly versatile  artists here at Her Blaze. Unlike many artists, she uses more than one art form: photography and mosaic.

When it comes to her photography, she uses it to share her vision with the world. “I found in photography the perfect way to capture the moment and keep alive the beauty of the nature and the world,” Sylvie stated.

I love that Sylvie can look at even the smallest things in nature and see it’s beauty and value. Not only can she see it, she has amazing talent that allows her to capture it so that others can enjoy it as well.

Her eye behind the lense is impeccable. Like she said, “I see photography as a way to share with people the beauty of the world from my perspective.”


The photograph below was taken in Hendaye, a French town on the border of Spain. If one could say a picture is perfect, this one just might be it.

With all that is happening in the world, the recent death of Dustin Diamond, the abuse allegations of Marilyn Manson, and the craziness of the stock market,  Hendaye would be a welcome escape right about now. 

photography by Sylvie Pouilliaux, Art by Sylvie Pouilliaux, her blaze artist photography

Sylvie uses that same inspiration of the beauty nature provides when it comes to her mosaic work.

On this Groundhog day, I imagine that Sylvie could make an adorable mosaic of Punxsutawney Phil. I imagine he would come out absolutely fabulous like the piece below.

Sylvie’s mosaic art is so creative and beautiful. She has an image ability to take one big, complete piece and see it tiny section by tiny section. Her creativeness and vision astounds me!


“Through my photos, I aim at sharing my dreams.” We are so thankful that Sylvie shares her dreams with us. It is this kind of vulnerability that sets a good artist apart from an average artist.

Eddie Izzard said, “If you can be your own force of nature and have a positive heart, then you can actually do something good in the world.” This is exactly what Sylvie is doing. 

“Photography is about painting with light. The different settings and filters are like a brush to paint the way I see the world.”

Here at Her Blaze, we are so appreciative of Sylvie for allowing us the small glimpse into her world. She has left us in awe of her talent.

The idea that she can go on an ordinary hike and have it result in beautiful photography is an amazing talent. Please, head over to Sylvie’s Instagram page and check out more of her beautiful work. 

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