Happy Black History Month! This month is an important month but, in my opinion, the recognition of Black History, the support and love of black and brown people, and acceptance of all should be every month, not just February.

I want to focus on an influential artist from the civil rights era. I feel like we all know who the important civil rights activists are so let’s look at the artists, too.

We know the major stories. But honestly, we know very little about the artists of that time. 

This piece entitled ‘Unite’ done by Barbara Jones-Hogu.


David Lusenhop stated, 

“Barbara wants to be known as someone who offered positive, uplifting, strong, and inspirational images to her people. What she means are African-descended people.” Given all the hate and racism going on in the United States, taking notice of Barbara Jones-Hogu and what she stood for is important. 

I wish I could say we’ve grown as a country and what Barbara Jones-Hogu lived through and created art about has changed. Sadly, with the news of Morgan Wallen, we know that isn’t true.

Black and Brown people are still fighting to survive. They are fighting to belong, fighting to matter. 

Another important art movement of the civil rights era is photography. 

The above picture is of Elizabeth Eckford of The Little Rock Nine. This sort of photography was an impactful way to bring awareness to the abuse and racism Black and Brown American’s had to live through.

It took Elizabeth and the other girls of The Little Rock Nine three weeks to make it safely inside their school. Even then, it was done with the escort of heavily armed guards. Elizabeth is still alive today. 


We have a Her Blaze artist, Ruhkia who embraces African culture in her art. Watching her create this beautiful piece puts a smile on my face.

After researching civil rights era art for this blog, that smile was necessary. 

This art piece, done by Sam Turner, isn’t from the civil rights era; it’s more current. But, Dorothy Height was so important to the civil rights movement so including her in the blog was important to me.


After all, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Lyndon B. Johnson often sought her counsel. She even received the Citizens Medal Award from President Ronald Reagan and in 2004. She served as President of the National Council of Negro Women for forty years!

Despite living in a time when Serena Williams is one of the best American athletes, Kamala Harris is Vice-President and Nick Cannon can host about anything on TV, we are still living in times where not everyone is equal.

As we continue to share art produced by extremely talented artists, we at Her Blaze understand and support the fight for equality and we will continue to share even the most controversial art submitted to us. 

Thank You for Reading Her Blaze Blog!

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