Each month Her Blaze features one of our artists. It’s an entire month featuring this artist on our home page. Along with it comes an art review blog piece. 

This month, our featured artist is Patricia Hume. Patricia hails from Massachusetts and states, “Art can provoke and unite the strongest and weakest of souls.” 

This collage is one of my favorite pieces Patricia has submitted to Her Blaze. Her use of a black and white photo of a tree stump was a great choice.

It definitely made for a unique ‘frame’ for her creative collage. Inside the knot of the tree, Patricia used stencils for the honeycomb shape.

The foliage inside the honeycomb completes this piece perfectly. She added color to the honeycomb but decided not to paint the tree stump.


 “I’ve found truth and understanding through the grounding process of creating such pieces.” Patricia stated about another one of her works of art.

But I thought her statement was relevant with this piece as well. After all,I find an inner peace looking at this.

It makes me think of all the great ways we can protect our bees. And I love how she left the tree stump black and white. It adds a perfect amount of depth to this piece.

Michelle Obama said it best when she said, “the arts and humanities define who we are as people. That is their power-to remind us of what we each have to offer, and what we all have in common. To help us understand our history and imagine our future. To give us hope in the moments of struggle and to bring us together when nothing else will.”

I don’t think Patricia needs any reminder of what she has to offer. Her art is just a tip of the iceberg. 

We often get caught up “being” someone or something. To say Patricia is an artist is absolutely correct. But she is NOT just an artist she is so much more, as we all are. 


As we head into Valentine’s Day, art would make an amazing, romantic gift. It’s also a great way to show support to local “starving artists”. So go ahead, buy your heart shaped pizza, pop a bottle of wine, and give your loved one a beautiful, one of a kind, piece of art.

Put out of your mind the impeachment trial, the efficacy and availability of the vaccine and the devastating loss of Mary Wilson for just a moment and embrace the beauty around you. Remember, part of that beauty is art.

Check out Patricia’s Instagram page to see more of her great work! I want to leave you with one last statement from Patricia.

“My elders always told us that the lessons taught aren’t ours to own but are meant to be expressed out and passed on. Through creating these paintings, I’ve found a way to honor that and reflect on the sacrifice of those who dance and the neverending connection of all things.”

Her connection to the Native teachings has offered great insight and inspiration for her art.

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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