It is challenge day! It is also Valentine’s day, or the day after Valentine’s Day by the time you read this.

I don’t want to do a Valentine’s Day themed challenge really. How cliché would that be?

Plus, we all know Valentine’s Day is 100% commercialized. So, I want to focus on love.

The challenge theme is love. No limitations, no rules, no instructions. If you have a piece of art and you feel the theme is love, then this challenge is for you.

One example I found super intriguing is that of ‘The Lovers II’ by Rene Magritte. I love that it is clearly a couple engaged in a kiss, but both appear to have fabric draped over their face.

It is possible that it is a forbidden love and them hiding their identity is the only way for them to ‘be together’. Or, it is possible that the imagery here is to show the true magnitude of what many relationships are like…suffocating.

Either way, this definitely falls into the category of love.

The Lovers II – Rene Magritte

Another interesting way to look at the love themed challenge is through sculpture. I know we have all seen the iconic “Love” sculpture by Robert Indiana.

These are located in Philadelphia, London and New York City, but the original is in Indianapolis.

Love – Robert Indiana

One last example of love is shown here, in this painting by George Dunlop Leslie

George Dunlop Leslie

Whether one believes these three are siblings, or a mother and her daughters, one can see love. So, when I say the word love, you might have thought about romance, or parental love.

Or, maybe you went abstract? Did the love sculpture pop into your head?

Either way, we want to see what you have for us. Show us your love themed art. Help us to celebrate those we love even when it isn’t Valentine’s Day!

Before we get tons of art themed submissions, I want to leave you with an amazing piece of art from one of our artists here at Her Blaze, Emiliana Henriquez.

This oil painting adds yet another twist to the theme of love! Love doesn’t have to be what others tell you it is.

It doesn’t have to look a certain way. Love can be emotional, sexually driven or platonic.

We all need love and we deserve the love we want, even if that love isn’t what everyone else needs or wants. 

So, as Halle Berry said, “the times may have changed, but the people are still the same. We’re still looking for love, and that will always be our struggle as human beings.”

Here at Her Blaze  we don’t want to see your struggle but we definitely want to see your love…in the form of art! We hope you submit your photography, fine art, written word or music.

We want to see and hear it all. Let’s make this our best challenge yet! Head over to Her Blaze for instructions on submitting your love themed art!

Thank You for Reading Her Blaze Blog!

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