If you’ve followed the blog here at Her Blaze, then you know we do artist reviews of every artist who submits their work. This week’s artist is Grace Olivia.

One amazing quality about Grace Olivia is that she took a really tough situation and made some of it. She lost her job because of covid. That devastating event could have had a negative impact on her, but she didn’t let it. 

Grace Olivia took advantage of her new found time and threw herself into her art, full-time. Grace Olivia says this about who she is, “I’m an artist and through my work I celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes, trying to spread body positivity as much as I can.”


Grace is so versatile. She doesn’t have one medium.

She has been known to utilize acrylic paints, pencils and even digital art. But it’s not her different mediums that are so eye catching, but rather her subject matter.

She focuses on celebrating the human body. She uses her art to spread body positivity…and she doesn’t celebrate the “perfect” body that society thinks we should have.

She celebrates real, perfectly flawed, human bodies. Grace says, “I hope to remind people that their lines are normal and don’t need to be adapted to society’s expectations; we are all different sizes, and all equally as beautiful.”

As you check out her art, you will see what I’m talking about. It is breathtaking. It makes me wonder what would happen if you set Grace loose in a nursing home with a notebook and a pencil!

I can only imagine the work she would come up with. Grace Olivia’s mindset made me think of something Britney Spears said. “I don’t like defining myself.

I just am.” Grace doesn’t allow the media or society to define the beauty of her art and that is what sets her apart from others! 


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how great this is! Not only does she appreciate all body shapes and sizes, but adding animals to it just makes it that much better.

What’s not to love about this? It supports the belief that after many years, humans start to resemble their pets. 

In a time where we are still discussing the ‘bathroom bill’ and we feel like someone’s gender identity is our business, I find the art Grace completed to be so amazingly beautiful and peaceful.

I find her art so comforting.  So, in honor of Her Blaze’s amazing artist, Grace Olivia, spend today celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day.

One great way to do that is to send someone a card, just because. Grace Olivia has some beautiful cards on her site.

I’ll leave you with this,”I accept my body. I accept how I am and make the best of what I am given,” said by Kate Winslet.

I feel as if this one quote captures what Grace Olivia is trying to portray through her art! 

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