You know what I love about art? It is everywhere if you just look.

You can see it while you’re driving down the street. It is in our communities.

We just need to take the time to see it, notice it and appreciate it. 

Check out these amazing sculptures I found in West Palm Beach, Pleasant City.

These sculptures are by West Palm artist, Eduardo Mendieta. A simple trip through the Palm Beach streets will give you a good look at more of his work.

He has murals on many walls throughout the community. You can see more of his work on his Facebook page and his Instagram account

I really admire artists who display their art for public consumption. 

There’s something intriguing by these giant origami pieces. The amazing details make you realize they are made out of giant pieces of notebook paper.

The words written on the paper give these pieces a young, playful feel. When I say they were eye catching, I mean it.

We drove around the block so I could take the picture! I didn’t go looking for art. That’s the great thing. It’s there, around every corner. I enjoy stumbling on art. 

As I was researching these origami sculptures, I found even more eye-catching pieces by Mendieta. Just look at this mural!

This is another art piece on display in West Palm Beach. At a time when there is so much civil unrest, I especially admire and respect when someone takes a stand.

You know how they say, standing back and saying or doing nothing is the same as being involved?

Mendieta isn’t afraid to say the difficult things through his art. As Ashley Judd said, “you have so much power to bring awareness, prevention and change.” Mendieta is definitely doing that with murals like this. 

This table is another example of the art I found when I was out and about. Since I love elephants, it definitely caught my attention.

As you can see, West Palm has some great, free art for the community to enjoy! 

Community art, sculptures, graffiti and many other pieces are available in your communities. Being in Florida, we’ve shared some of our great local art, but let’s not stop there!

We want to see the art in your communities. Message us here at Her Blaze. Send us your street art and location.

We just might feature your picture and your town in our next blog! Not sure where to look? Check out and see what street art is available near you…and then share it with us!

I recently saw that Butch Hartman was accused of plagiarism. So, if/when you send pictures or quotes about your local art, we will always give you the appropriate credit! 

Before you stop reading, I want to take the time to offer our thoughts with Tiger Woods and his family during this crazy, scary time. Use his accident as a gentle reminder that life is short.

Make sure to love one another!

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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