When we look at art, many of us see it as a story. But that story doesn’t stop with the art.

Oftentimes, the artist adds their own mystique to the piece. One of the most famous art pieces by one of the most famous artist, the Sistine Chapel paintings has some of its own conspiracies surrounding it.

It is believed to tell the story of the Book of Genesis. But, is that the complete truth?

Many believe Michelangelo painted anatomical aspects of the human anatomy right in the Sistine Chapel paintings. If one looks closely,  you will find a human brain, as well as a spinal cord and brain stem.

Some think it is because Michelangelo loved learning about anatomy. He learned what he knew about anatomy by dissecting corpses.


There are a few questions that have gone unanswered after all these years. Were these sketches intentional?

Or, is it possible that it was Michelangelo’s way to ‘get back’ at the church for denouncing science and biology? What do you see in the picture I found on Nuerodope?

It supports the idea that there is a brain in the painting. Some have argued, however that it isn’t a brain at all; but rather, a uterus. 

What do you think? Was Michelangelo making fun of the church’s stance?

Or is it just another one of art’s strange conspiracy theories, of which there are many? Makes me wonder how Michelangelo would use his art to make statements in today’s world. 

How would he portray the Equality Act? Would he paint the recent Ted Cruz issue into his artwork?


I can only imagine how he would incorporate active shooter headlines into art. It’s crazy how much has changed since he painted the famed Sistine Chapel!

We’d love to hear your input or ideas on this unanswered question. Do you think these pieces of anatomy were intentional?

If so, what was Michelangelo’s reasoning? Did he just love human anatomy or was he angry at the Church?

Either way, it is still a conversation to be had. I love that, for over 500 years, we have looked at and admired the Sistine Chapel, all while not really understanding the message being told by Michelangelo. 

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question but the cynic in me kind of wants this to be real. I find some sort of pride in knowing that using art, using one’s voice to take a stand, is something that we’ve done since the dawn of time.

As I leave you to ponder today’s art question, I also wanted to share a quote by one of my favorite entertainers, Lady Gaga.

She said, “I am a walking piece of art every day, with my dreams and ambitions forward at all times in an effort to inspire my fans to lead their life in that way.”

We are all our very own walking, talking piece of art, and here at Her Blaze we celebrate all art. 

Thank You for Reading Her Blaze Blog!

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