It is time to focus on another one of our amazing artists here at Her Blaze. This week’s focus is on Blake Ward.

Blake is from Northern Canada but studied traditional techniques of modelling figurative sculpture in Paris. How wonderful is that?

I imagine that is an opportunity that many artists would love to have. But, Blake Ward’s life experience doesn’t end there. 

Blake taught at the University of Hanoi in 2003. While teaching, Blake witnessed the devastation left behind by landmines and remnants of war.

He used that heartbreaking experience as a way to channel his creativity. He released a series called “Fragments” and used the proceeds to raise funds for landmine clearance.

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you’ll know that my favorite part of our artists is what amazing people they are. Clearly, Blake is no exception to this. 


This is one of the sculptures by Blake. If you check out his Instagram Page you will see how incredible he is at portraying the human figure.

He captures the fluid movements of dancing or flying. You can see the steps being taken.

He tells a beautifully poetic story about each sculpture. Some pieces even make you feel the emotions of them, swirling around like the funnel clouds in a tornado. 

As if I needed more reason to really love Blake’s work, there’s one last detail that I love about him…Since 2013 Blake has worked together with his wife Boky Hackel and all bronze sculptures are signed by both artists.

To say that the world of art loves and appreciates Blake and Boky’s work would be an understatement. Blake’s work has been exhibited in France, Italy, Germany, England, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.

This is the Phantom Nyx. One of the beautiful pieces signed by both Blake and his wife.

This stunning piece is a part of The Spirit Collection. “The Spirits are collections of materializing bodies, crystalizing before us, expanding the classical figure by exposing an internal landscape within.”

His work is impeccable on its own, but with love and collaboration of his wife, they manage to create some breathtaking art. 


Make sure you give Blake the love and support so rightfully deserved. Check out his website and his Instagram page to see much more of Blake’s work.

While you’re spreading the love, head over to Her Blaze and check out all of our amazing artists. You can also read past blogs, ask questions and even leave “claps” as a way of showing your support.

Every interaction is welcomed and it’s a great way to show Blake Ward how much we really do value and appreciate the beautiful art he creates! “These artworks insist that we look inside ourselves in order to open conscious communication between our exterior identity and the internal landscape of soul and self,” Blake states.

We really appreciate when an artist puts a little piece of their heart and soul into their work. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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