I think we can all agree that anything and everything can be art. It’s all about perspective.

Some subjects or styles are more popular and more accepted than others. I wanted to draw your attention to an art subject that is not wide spread and also pushes the limits of what many people find appropriate. 

Phallic art has been around for centuries. Many popular sculptures have been found from the Roman times. Hell, there’s even a penis museum in Iceland.

Until 2017, a museum in London decided to really push the envelope. It is called the  Vagina Museum. This museum, and the art it proudly shares has brought me to the untapped art of Vagina art. 

Now, before you stop reading and think this is unacceptable, listen to what this amazing museum is doing. They are educating people on gynecological anatomy and health, building confidence, erasing stigma and body shaming, supporting the LGBTQ+ and intersex communities, as well as supporting feminism and women’s rights.

As if that isn’t enough, this amazing museum is challenging heteronormative and cisnormative behavior and promoting intersectional, feminist and trans-inclusive values. 


This sculpture by The Flowers of Democracy by Maria Kulikovska really caught my attention. She did it as a way to  open the dialogue around gender equality and feminism.

You can read more about it on Art Represent

But, another intriguing aspect of vagina art is that it doesn’t have to be so ‘obvious’ or ‘in your face’. 

Take the piece below, by Georgia O’Keeffe. It is feminine and beautiful. And unless you are looking, you might not recognize the symbolism of this amazing piece.

You can see that piece along with many other vaginal symbols on Art History Project

Her Blaze featured artist Grace Olivia also celebrates the unique, beautiful aspect of the woman’s body in some of her art. Grace says, “I’m an artist and through my work I celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes, trying to spread body positivity as much as I can.”

We are so excited to have her as our featured artist and will share more about her in the month to come! 


In a time when Andrew Cuomo is under fire for sexual harassment and Ben Roethlisberger can have a successful NFL career after some terrible allegations, let’s appreciate this feminism in the form of art. Let’s support and lift up the powerful women around us.

Katherine Heigl said it best when she said, “The world is still very bigoted.” That’s why it took so long for us to make Vagina art a thing!

Writing this blog led me to watching the movie ‘Moxie’ on Netflix. After you read this and give us your feedback, I encourage you to watch it.

But be ready, because it tackles some tough topics! 

As always, we are a family run business and appreciate and value your support and feedback. If you have blog topic suggestions or comments, send them our way.

We also want to hear your constructive feedback. We want our artists to feel support so any way we can improve that then we will do it! 

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