There is something peaceful about art. And, in my opinion, it is easy to get lost in this fast paced world. I have found, however, that art can bring me to a calm, serene feeling.

That’s a feeling I am often striving for. With all the stress around us, finding and admiring street art can be a great escape.

It can be an escape from the “real world”. Some people use Fortnite as an escape. Some people use food, such as Krispy Kreme. For me, that escape is art. 

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for this blog. Just this week, the Manatee Observation and Education Center unveiled a mural painted by Kenny Maguire.

I love this before and after picture. His mural made such a difference! Anyone out and about in the Fort Pierce, Florida area should definitely stop to admire his work. 

“It’s been an honor to paint for the manatee. I hope that the image I created will inspire wonder about these magical animals.

Thank you to everyone who donated generously to this project. Thank you to the City of Fort Pierce, and the Fort Pierce City Marina for letting me steal everyone’s parking spots.

Thank you to the Manatee Foundation, and all of the volunteers at the Manatee Center, who have all been so supportive and nice! I look forward to my next mural here,” Kenny shared on a recent Facebook post. 


The water alone is peaceful. The mural just adds to that peace. And the fact that it is honoring the manatee makes this a perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon.

It is a perfect way to forget the everyday hustle bustle and stress. Just a little alone time with beautiful art and nature can help to relieve the pressures of life. 

Miranda Lambert said, “I think the unconditional love you get from an animal, especially a dog, is better than anything else.” I know manatees are drastically different than dogs, but they deserve the love and admiration as well.

This mural is so well deserved both, for Fort Pierce as well as anyone who can love and appreciate a manatee. 


So, as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or the Ides of March, also remember to celebrate the art around you. Whether you’re celebrating in Ireland or California, with fireworks or listening to Lionel Richie or Bruno Mars, we hope your day is full of fun and art!

If you stumble on some great art, you know we want to see it. 

Do you have great, free street art where you live? Share it with us at Her Blaze so we can write a blog about it.

Help us share beautiful art. Help those around you get out and appreciate your town or city. Help support the artists who spend their time making the world more beautiful! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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