It is challenge day. Some challenges are very specific, some are open to interpretation.

This week is no exception to that. We are living in trying times. It has been more than a year with the entire world dealing with a pandemic.

But some places are dealing with it in drastic, life-altering ways. For instance, London is still in lockdown.

So, we figured we would have a “Lockdown” Challenge. This is one of those vague challenges.

We want to see your lockdown or pandemic art. Here are the details…we want to see the art that gives you peace.

Art that takes your mind off the pandemic, the lack of vaccines, the lockdowns…anything that adds stress to your life. I just recently saw that Miami Beach has set a curfew because spring break has gotten out of hand.

This challenge is our way of encouraging our artists to find healthy, constructive ways to handle the stresses of life that we cannot necessarily control.

It seems odd to me that when I was a kid, I thought that the Bermuda Triangle was going to be a real issue in my life. I also think about how thoroughly we learned to “stop, drop and roll”.

I feel like I was prepared for these things. What I was not prepared for was a worldwide pandemic. So, in the words of Phil Collins, “the world is in your hands, now use it.”

Maybe you worried about the Bermuda Triangle too. You could take that and make a great piece of lockdown art showing how you handled it.

Maybe you have recently ‘survived’ an earthquake or tornado? You can make that fit into this challenge too!

For me, I find peace in a lot of things. I love to write poetry.

To be honest, I should probably stop procrastinating and submit my own poetry to Her Blaze. Especially today since is World Poetry Day.

And since this is a challenge that is open to your own interpretation, the subject matter of that poetry can be anything!

So, whether your peaceful place is on the basketball court or surfing, this challenge is for you. This pandemic has forced us to find our own inner peace.


Now that we have learned what that is, we want to see it in art form. Maybe you find your comfort in wildlife.

My favorite animal is the elephant. Any animal you choose would be perfect for this week’s challenge.

Take this amazing piece by Her Blaze artist Aileen Joy. This water color/graphite drawing gives me nothing but good vibes. 


Another Her Blaze artist Marisa Quartin, who happens to be from London, painted this beautiful painting. Not only is this challenge a way to temporarily forget about the lockdown, it is also a great way to showcase some London artists.

So, if you don’t think your art can be “lockdown art” and you’re from London, we want to help support you through this lockdown by sharing your art as well.

As the Dalai Lama said, “we can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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