Emiliana Henriquez is this week’s artist up for review. Did you know that was a thing?

If you submit your art to our site and become a Her Blaze artist, you will have an entire blog dedicated to you. We don’t just share your art, we share who you are as an artist.

We share all the details that make you a unique, memorable person in this world. This week, it is Emiliana’s turn.

Emiliana was born in El Salvador but moved to Compton when she was an infant. About the time of the Rodney King riots, her family decided it was no longer safe there and relocated to Los Angeles.

She was surrounded by her Hispanic culture, but also by gang violence as well. So, as a way of distracting her and her brother, her parents immerses them in the life and culture of music and art.

Not only was this a distraction, but it also provided them with safe activities away from all the violence surrounding them. 

Coming to the United States changed things for Emiliana. In El Salvador, painting was a privilege most were not afforded.

In fact, creative arts careers were not really career paths she could have chosen. Her parents simply wanted the best for her and they had no idea how much this support would help.

Their support and love allowed Emiliana to become the artist she is today. 


She started painting at ten. It was also at this point that she experimented with collages and mixed media art.

She is not one who formally studied art, but rather, she is a self-taught artist. She learned by doing.

As she dabbled with different techniques and styles, she learned that she had a special connection with realism. It was the intimacy of the human face that really intrigued her. 

If you check out Emiliana’s Instagram account you will see more of her beautiful paintings. This is just one example of her work.

The intimate, detailed painting really allows the viewer to feel the emotion. It’s as if we can actually connect with the people she painted.

I don’t know about you, but I love when art makes me feel all sorts of unexpected emotions!

Emiliana’s art, the beautiful detail she paints into every face, is a nice distraction from the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting. Here at Her Blaze, we know that life in the United States can be difficult and we are saddened by the recent events.

We will continue to attempt to shine a light on positive, talented artists worldwide, all while respecting and honoring those who have been impacted by this latest tragedy.

As Meghan McCain said, “I can’t give into hate. It’s too great a burden to bear. I have to stick with love.”

That is what Her Blaze is going to do through these times, stick with love! So, as we continue to spread our love of art, we always want to send a special birthday shoutout to Jim Parsons!

Happy birthday Jim! And amazing artwork Emiliana! Keep painting! Keep inspiring! Keep spreading positivity through your art! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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