So, if I say the movie title, ‘Space Jam’ what comes to mind? For me, I think of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny and their amazing collaboration to come up with a movie I have always enjoyed.

From the Chicago Bulls to the big screen, Jordan really could do it all. For some of you however, Lebron James might be the name you correlate with the movie, especially as Space Jam 2 is in the works.

I know, I know. You are wondering what I am getting at. Well, it is challenge day. I want to see your animation artwork.

Maybe your animation art has a Looney Tunes feel or maybe you lean more towards Disney or Pixar. Either way, we want to see your creative animation artwork.

I found this great piece of Space Jam fan art on Deviant Art. Lola Bunny is the sassiest character, and, in my opinion, that makes her the best.

And, since we are finally living in a time where we are finally celebrating women, I wanted to share some great art of a great female character. Now, your animation does not have to have a Space Jam theme.


It can have any theme you want. I just wanted to spend time focusing on an iconic movie while we inspire you to share your animated art.

Just to prove how “loose” our definitions and challenges are, we wanted to share this piece by Her Blaze artist Dana Pruner.

She could submit her art for this challenge. I mean, it is art of animation. (Not to mention Ursula is my favorite villain!)

So, before you say your art is not classified as animation, remember this artwork and be bold! When in question, submit it!


I guess this week is a week of nostalgia. Not only is a hit movie from my teenage years being remade, but DMX, an amazing artist in his own right, is struggling for his life.

“No matter how hard it rains, withstand the pain.” No truer words have ever been spoken and I hope that DMX’s family can find some peace and solace in his wise words.

The art and music worlds are shaking with grief as DMX continues to struggle. The Her Blaze family is keeping DMX in our thoughts in this devastating time. 

In honor of DMX, let’s make this weeks submissions the most ever! Here’s what to do:  send three of your art pieces in their standard form, write a short biography of approximately 250 words, an artist picture and links to your social media accounts to [email protected]

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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