Evelyn Eva is the Her Blaze artist I have the pleasure of writing about this week. Some artists give me a lot of information, a lot of back story. But with Evelyn, she is mysterious, almost elusive.

I don’t have much backstory. I don’t know where she’s from.

I don’t know how she classifies her art. I’ve only seen very little of her art. It’s kind of fun writing about our very own mysterious artist. 

Have you ever heard of the artist ‘Above’? He’s a mysterious artist much like Evelyn.

He’s a street artist from California. He doesn’t sell art. It isn’t on exhibit because most of his art is done illegally.

He’s been known to have said that his work is inspired by the everyday challenges we all face: rising above our lot in life, our situations, our stress, and our struggles.

So maybe Evelyn stays out of the spotlight for that reason. Maybe she’s making a statement without saying anything. She’s letting her art speak for itself. 

Or maybe she’s like the ‘Philadelphia Wireman’. The art of the Philadelphia Wireman was discarded on the street.

Someone found it and recognized the talent and time it took to make such intricate, unique art and now they are displayed in museums. It’s definitely possible that Evelyn is like the Philadelphia Wireman in that she just doesn’t see the value of her work.

Maybe not sharing it all over is her way of protecting herself in this judgmental society. 


I wish we knew the true story of Evelyn Eva, but since we don’t, I choose to think the best. I choose to believe she is a small-town artist from somewhere warm.

She focuses on positive subject matter and uses her art to support her extended family. Honestly, writing about her is kind of like writing about art.

I get to write my own story. No matter her story, we are so glad to have her as a Her Blaze artist!

In a time where we are dealing with mass shootings weekly, this beautiful butterfly by Evelyn Eva offers some peace and some innocence. I struggled writing as the news of the Frederick, Maryland active shooter stole my happy, creativeness.

Having a positive, yet mysterious, artist to focus on definitely helped clear my mind. I’m not sure about you but after the heartbreaking news of DMX, another mass shooting and the death of Harry Potter actor, Paul Ritter, I certainly needed a reason to smile.

So, thank you to Her Blaze artist, Evelyn Eva, wherever you are. Your art put a smile on my face when the world really isn’t allowing me to smile.

I think these words by Ernest Hemingway will help, they certainly helped me. He said, “the rain will stop, the night will end, the hurt will fade. Hope is never so lost that it can’t be found.”

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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