It is time for the Her Blaze team and encourage you to get out and about. That’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago.

My son came to visit us from New York and he is very passionate about the Military. We live incredibly close to the Navy Seal Museum, so we all decided to spend the day there.

We are so glad we did. So much history to learn. In addition to the history, we stumbled upon a piece of art.

I absolutely love when I stumble upon art. This sculpture was no exception.

Pablo Eduardo is a Bolivian artist who is from a multi-generational family of artists. He got his formal art training from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and graduated from Tufts University, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

This scenario is one of my favorites. We went to a museum and found a world-renowned artist in the process.

That is exactly what the “out and about” blogs are all about. 


This sculpture was a small part of our adventure to the museum. We learned all sorts of things.

We looked into submarines, sat in ships, boats and helicopters. We read the names of real life heroes while learning of their heroics.

We participated in some of the activities involved in training and boot camp. There was rope climbing, walls to scale, balance work and monkey bars.

This family fun day also included our son and nephew playing Pokémon Go. Whether we were enjoying the museum and all its history, the physical activities we tried or the new memories we made, it was a trip worth taking.

The fact that we found art made it even better! 

I love writing about unexpected art. If you live in Atlanta, Oakland or Cincinnati, send us the free art you stumble upon.

In fact, there is a specific display of public art I’d love to see and write about. This display by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is located on the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center subway station in Brooklyn. 


I guess this blog is encouraging you to get out of the house and find art but it’s kind of a challenge too. I want one of you to find and take some pictures of this art so I can write about your experience and feelings!

This stirred something in me so I am very anxious and excited to see more!

So, for all the readers in Brooklyn, send your photographs and experiences our way so you can be included in a blog. That goes for anyone, anywhere!

Send us all the stumbled upon, free art you find. Let’s spread the word on these often under-appreciated works of art!

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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