Özlem Aliman is another one of our very talented artists. She is from İstanbul and graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting.

She focuses on the human eye and uses her oil painting techniques to make them super realistic. Her attention to detail is like no one else’s.

It was Greek Philosopher, Plato, who is believed to have said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” When it comes to Özlem’s art, she puts literal meaning to it.

There is beauty in the aesthetic look to her painting but she adds so much more beauty than one initially sees. Each eye comes with a personality, a story.

Only Özlem knows that story. But she paints in a way that allows her fans and supporters to feel their version of the story too! 

In a song by Ben Folds Five, he sings “But when I fell into your eyes, I could not get out.” That’s exactly how I felt when I went to Özlem’s Instagram page.

Her ability to paint an eye so realistically pulled me in. Each eye was painted with passion and intensity.

In some, I felt the pain. In others, I could see joy and excitement. It made me think about how people say the truth is in one’s eyes.  


Özlem’s art also brought me back into reality. In an era where a mask is worn everywhere, the eye becomes even more important.

Painting or not, our eyes truly become the window to one’s soul. The eyes tell us when someone is smiling or frowning.

They show us fear and joy. It’s almost as if coronavirus put a special spotlight on artists like Özlem, who focus on something we all have yet, she makes each drastically different than the next. 

As I felt the story behind each painting I began to wonder. People often comment about how looking into someone’s eyes can feel empty.

Are those people ones who also have an empty soul? How would Özlem capture the true essence of someone like Charles Manson?

Would we feel the evil behind her work? Or does she have the ability and the insight to paint only the beautiful and innocence of people?

Viola Davis said, “creativity only resonates if you infuse real life into the work.” If she’s right, then one could conclude that a painting of Charles Manson’s eye would, indeed, encompass his evilness. 

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