Each month, we choose one of our amazing artists as the featured artist. They are exhibited on our home page and we do an art review of a piece of their work.

This month, that artist is Smoking Joe Perry, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He aims to produce pieces that are appealing to our vision as well as pleasant for all our senses.

Joe uses a sort of mixed media, combining a synthesis of oils, enamel, acrylic, ink and resin coalesce to form the lustrous gloss and radiant hues characteristic of his work.

This piece is definitely pleasing to the eye. The geometric shapes paired with the color choices works. The circle and the square offer enough contrast to make this painting stand out.

The transition of colors offers some movement and depth and gives this painting character. This painting certainly makes me feel at peace.

It offers a calming, relaxing feel which I love. This could be an amazing focal point for anyone’s wall.

Bill Gates was known to have said, “success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent.”

Smoking Joe does exactly that with his artwork. No doubt he will always find success. 

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So, on a day when we add extra appreciation to our featured artist, I also want to encourage you to not only check out the virtual art gallery at Her Blaze, also check out Joe’s Instagram page.

In fact, today is international museum day so maybe you should head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Louvre. Those are two amazing museums I’d love to visit.

But in all seriousness, there are more than 55,000 art museums in 202 countries. Find one that appeals to you and go appreciate the creativeness of all the artists on display. 

One last shoutout to some amazing people who have helped art in some way.

Today let’s wish a happy birthday to Saturday Night Live great, Michael Che. Also, happy birthday to Marshmello, JoJo Siwa and Sam Smith.

They have contributed to the art forms of music, dance, acting, writing and comedy. I’d say that is worth celebrating.

This week is also Cannes International Film Festival, which is another major event that improves and celebrates the arts! 

Do you know an artist who deserves to be celebrated, maybe someone who doesn’t recognize their worth or talent?

Share Her Blaze with them and encourage them to submit their work. We are always accepting new artists to share with the world!

We are also always looking for places who have an amazingly diverse art community. If that is your town or city, send us the info and your hometown can become the topic of our next blog! 

Today on Her Blaze Blog we are celebrating our May 2021 Featured Artist, Smoking Joe Perry! An artists who explores creativity through radiant colors, resin and captivating designs.... Join Her Blaze Blog in our celebration of Smoking Joe Perry - May 2021!
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