When Monday rolls around, I usually look forward to whatever challenge we decide to put out there. The ideas are endless, after all.

Well, this week, as I was trying to decide what to write about, I found an article about Political artist, John Sims. John Sims has a 20 year project he has been working on called ‘Recoloration Proclamation’. 

His art is the type that grabs your attention. You can’t help but look. 

Just look at this piece called ‘Five Flags: A Group Hanging’. It depicts confederate flags hanging from nooses.

I wish he was in the headlines because people were taking notice of his work. Sadly, that is not the case.

John Sims was recently handcuffed and detained because the cops thought he was an intruder in his own apartment and art gallery.

Ironically, in June, Sims said, ““When a police culture suffocates the voice of justice, why should I trust the police with my body? Why? If resisting and cooperating bring the same outcome — death — what am I to do, especially if good cops cannot stand up to bad cops? When there are no internal moral checks and balances, you become a pack of animals in an uncivilized wilderness motivated by fear and the naked power to punish and destroy…”

After such a traumatic event, Sims said, “While I am very glad to be alive I know many have never made it out alive. While I am very fortunate to have a platform to respond, many are silenced or ignored. The time has come for American policing to be held accountable and reconstructed in ways that puts common senses and humanity first and racist maneuvers last.”

As Lady Gaga said, “They say this country is equal, but it’s not equal if it’s sometimes.” She couldn’t be more right! 


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so tired of hearing about these incidents. They happen daily, across this country.

Something needs to change. So, for this week’s challenge, I thought it was pertinent for us to have a political art challenge or Art for Change.

I know we have done a similar challenge in the past, but it is obvious that people aren’t taking notice. We are not treating people with equality.

We are not holding people accountable. Her Blaze wants to do whatever we can to make a change.

We want to stand on the right side of the law. We want equality. We want to value people for who they are instead of how we want to see them or how society wants to portray them.

As the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts honors artists such as Garth Brooks, Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Allen, we want to honor artists as well. But, we want to honor art that takes a stand.

We want to honor art that pushes the limits for true change. We want to honor those fighting for equality and justice.

So, send us your Art for Change submissions. Do you have art that pushes limits, art that people either love or hate?

This challenge is just for you! 

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