Author: Erin Hampshire-Walker

Today I get to introduce you to another one of our diverse and talented artists here at Her Blaze, Daniel Gomez. Daniel is from Portland, Oregon.

What happened on a hike turned into an amazing passion and talent. He fell in love with the natural beauty and decided to make it his goal to see every last inch of beauty Oregon had to offer.

But, he doesn’t just experience this beauty. He captures it in the form of photography and shares this beauty with the world. 

This photo just captures my attention. It makes me think that his vision of the upcoming lunar eclipse, full moon, would be breathtaking.

I secretly hope that as we all read this blog and explore his amazing work on his Instagram page or his YouTube Channel that he is already taking those photographs tonight.

It is the first full moon and lunar eclipse since 2019! As I looked at all the amazing waterfall and rainbow shots, I also kind of wanted to see a thunderstorm through his lense. 

His hikes must be the most amazing adventures. A backpack, coffee in hand and a creative eye behind the lense has led to some really breathtaking, beautiful photographs.

His ability to not only see something but to capture it in a way that translates is so difficult. He certainly makes it look easy.


Her Blaze recognizes his talent and we are so glad to have him as part of our art family. Daniel said, “I’d have to say my favorite thing to photograph would be the night sky as every night it is different and there’s just something magical about the quiet dark nights under the stars.”

That resonates with me. Much like Daniel, I find my inner peace in nature. Now, I’m not taking pictures or producing art, but the peace and tranquillity of the ocean at daybreak is complete perfection.

I am in such admiration that it sounds as if Daniel found that in Oregon and he captures it for all to enjoy. What a great way to leave your mark on the world! 

As we all support Daniel and his amazing art, I also want to Acknowledge the recent passing of another impactful artist. Mary Beth Edelson, a world-renowned, feminist activist died in April at 88.

It is artists like Mary Beth who have paved the way for many of the amazing artists we celebrate and support. She utilized many mediums and techniques, including painting, collage, photography, sculpture, drawing and performance art.

She produced art that gave us feelings of tenderness and aggression. She knew no boundaries and produced spiritual and political work as well.

She glorified the female body and spirit, and was always campaigning and advocating for equality for women. 

Please, take some time today to visit Daniel’s pages. His art speaks for itself. And send good thoughts to all who loved Mary Beth as she will be greatly missed.

She definitely left her mark on the art world and to the Her Blaze family. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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