As a kid, I remember drawing in the dirt on our family car’s windows. We also did this when it snowed.

I am originally from the Midwest, so snow was something we saw regularly.

Now, I would not consider what I did art. But, when I started looking for a fun challenge, this little activity as a kid made me think.

Artists are amazingly creative. They utilize anything and everything to make art. My guess is, there is some amazing art made on dirty windows.

My internet search did not disappoint! After all, they say that you can find art anywhere if you know where to look.

It also makes me wonder if this is classified as a ‘dirty job’. I can hear the groans already.

I know at least one of you will appreciate my terrible attempt at humor! 

Scott Wade is known as “The Dirty Car Artist” or “The DaVinci of Dust”. Just one look at his art put my childish doodles to shame!

I would have never dreamed of creating a portrait of Harry Potter on a dirty window. Who am I kidding? I couldn’t create this on any medium!

Check out some more amazing creations by Wade here U Creative According to Wade, this love and creativity all started with a dirty window and a popsicle stick.

After looking at all the great pieces he has created, it makes me really excited to see what our Her Blaze fans can come up with.

Part of me dreads this challenge because it means these unique art pieces are temporary. One good rainfall and hours of hard work are destroyed.

With all the thunderstorms in Alabama recently, a lot of good art could easily be wiped away. But, the optimist in me looks at it as once the rain falls, you are presented with a brand-new blank canvas.

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And there are so many things one can create. I would love to see someone depict Vice President Kamala Harris marching in the Pride parade this year.

Another great way to support the advocacy and equality efforts of pride month would be to create a portrait of David Archuleta, who recently came out. 

Regardless of your subject matter, we want to see how you can make a dirty windshield transformed into a jaw dropping piece of art.

Maybe you can’t decide what to get your dad for Father’s Day. Why not make him a one of a kind piece of art on his dirty car window?

You’d be sure to give him a gift none of the other fathers he knows will get. Or maybe you’re attending a Boston Red Sox baseball game.

Imagine the canvases you can find in the parking lot! Wherever you decide to create this art, we want to see it.

Be sure to send it to us here at Her Blaze and allow us to share it with all of our supporters! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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