There are so many headlines about the Olympic trials that I got thinking about the Olympic villages that are erected during the games. Each place that has ever hosted an Olympics is a great place to go see and appreciate art.

I found some amazing sculptures that are definitely worth seeing. 

This sculpture is located at Beijing Olympic Forest Park. I love the movement and depth in this piece.

But, maybe even more poignant than that, I love that they chose to celebrate the women athletes. With the news of Chelsea Wolfe, a transgender Olympic athlete making the team, this statue just became relevant and important for brand new reasons.

Another amazing woman that makes this statue important again is Sha’Carri Richardson. There are so many athletes that make celebrating pride month even more impactful!

Actress Sarah Paulson said, “I just don’t feel that we’ve travelled very far in the realm of social equality. There just seems to be a little bit of unrest. And sometimes I think that happens when you really feel like something is about to change. Right before the moment of lift off, sometimes things feel a little bit unhinged, and that’s what it feels like to me right now, both as a woman and just as a human on the planet as an American woman in America. I feel like we’re on the precipice of change. I feel a little nervous.”

Her words are profound and I feel them deeply, as we celebrate these groundbreaking Olympic athletes. 

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Another great sculpture is in Atlanta. For my US friends, seeing this sculpture might be easier than the previous one in Beijing.

This sculpture really captures the beauty, grace and strength of gymnastics. Even though the Atlanta Olympics are long over, we can still appreciate the effort and dedication of those who competed by visiting these art filled locations.

The Olympic Games might be short-term, but the art is a permanent reminder of the games and athletes who left their mark. 

Since I’m from New York, I definitely want to also encourage you to get out and about in the Lake Placid area as well. There is a statue left behind from the 1932 winter games.

The statue is of Art Devlin, a ski jumper. 

I also found a part of past Olympics that has since been turned into art. The bobsleigh and luge track at Mount Trebevic, the Mount Igman ski-jumping course has now been turned into the backdrop for graffiti or street art.

Art was not the intention when it was built but is the end result for the track having been abandoned. So, even pieces of the Olympics that have since been forgotten still hold value and deserve to be appreciated! 

Sculptures of runners, gymnasts and ski jumpers are all motivating me to get out and find Olympic art in my neighborhood. Those of us at Her Blaze hope you will do the same.

This art is unique in that it has art value all its own but it also helps support the amazing athletes who train hard for years to have the ability to compete in these world games.

Art located in Olympic host cities not only shows the talent of the artists who create the sculptures, but also shared stories of athletes. 

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  1. Amazing pieces of sculptures…now it would be great if the Olympics chose artists of the lgbtq+ community as well!!

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