Until I started writing the blog for Her Blaze website, I had no idea there were so many conspiracies about the art world. Some are about the art itself, and some of the conspiracies are about the artists.

Either way, there are so many crazy things surrounding the world of art that I will never run out of questions or conspiracies to write about. This week’s topic is one that I hope will capture your attention as much as it did mine.

It immerses art with The Church of Scientology in a devastating way. 

‘Golden Suicides’ is definitely not something you want to be known for; however, is a term used to describe the tragic end of two artists, Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan.

It is my understanding that ‘Golden Suicides’ was used because, in the art world, Blake and Duncan were considered the ‘Golden Couple’.

Blake was an artist and Duncan was a video game creator and it was believed that from the moment they started dating, they never spent a night apart. Their friends report, to their knowledge, there was no arguing or disagreements by the couple.

They had what many called a ‘storybook romance’. 

Jeremy Blake’s mother, a mental health counselor, acknowledged that she had concerns with the couple, stating that they were erratic and sullen  and could even be morose at times.

Friends saw some paranoia with them sharing that they made statements that they were being harassed by celebrities involved with The Church of Scientology.

At times, the couple would accuse friends of being Scientologists, despite having no proof.

The last few months of their lives, they were filing a lawsuit against a myriad of Hollywood bigwigs. 

Besides claims that Scientologists were stalking them, Duncan was also accused of plagiarizing some of her blog publications. There were some promising movies in the works for her and all that seemingly fell apart.

They lost their home and were unable to bounce back. Duncan hit bottom first, intentionally overdosing on pills and alcohol. Blake came home and found her.

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Despite having support from family and friends, Blake struggled living without Theresa and just one week later, he stripped his clothes off and walked into the Atlantic Ocean.

His body was ultimately found in coastal New Jersey waters. These deaths left the art community, as well as the Hollywood community, wondering what happened that led to the untimely deaths of these star-crossed lovers. 

What do you think? Was the harassment from The Church of Scientology to blame?

Or maybe it was the allegations of Duncan plagiarizing someone’s work? Or, for Blake, there was a family history of mental illness and suicide.

I wish there were answers. I wish we could say they are at peace now that the hurt and pain has ended.

But, with all the unknown, all the rumors circulating, one can never be certain. Either way, these are two artists who were definitely gone too soon.

It was Britney Spears who said, “sometimes it’s our secrets that define us.”

In the case of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan, I think that’s true. Even though they were both on the cusp of fame, their secrets are what defines them today! 

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