Today I get to introduce you to a creatively unique and talented Her Blaze artist, Silke de Rapper. Silke de Rapper is a braider, but not just any braider.

She is only 14 and completely self-taught! She is from the Netherlands and got her start braiding her own hair. 

After a few short years braiding her own hair, she received her first mannequin head at 11. She used YouTube and Instagram for lessons and inspiration.

This young lady is driven with some pretty amazing goals. One goal is to come up with her own braid or braiding style.

Given her immense talent, I’m positive that she will achieve that. Her other goal is one we can help her with.

She wants to reach 5,000 followers on her Instagram page. You really should be following her as you will see some incredible hairstyles. The one below is one of my favorites. 

I’m not sure if she starts small and works her way out to the bigger braids or not, but that is what I imagine. Either way this intricate design definitely shows her talent and ability.

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Silke says that her focus has been on tight braids but is now teaching herself to do the more loose, romantic braids like the ones often used for weddings.

As good as she is with the tighter braids, there’s no doubt in my mind she will master this new braid technique in no time. 

Someone in Hollywood needs to snag Silke de Rapper up. Her hairstyles need to be seen on the big screen.

Imagine seeing Megan Fox in a blockbuster film with these amazing braids, or turning on the Olympics and watching Gabby Douglas nail her floor routine rocking Silke de Rapper braids.

In fact, as I have read about the recent BET awards, I thought seeing Queen Latifah or Zendaya supporting this amazing young artist would really be life changing for this Silke. 

As I mentioned before, Silke de Rapper’s goal is to reach 5,000 followers on her Instagram page. But you can also follow her work at YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

I am still in awe of her talent and all the time she puts into it. I certainly didn’t have that much dedication or discipline at such a young age.

As she continues to grow and master her skill, I know she will make a name for herself. 

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