In a world full of instant access that knows no boundaries, coming up with untapped art can be difficult. With so many platforms to share art with the world, it’s as if no stone is unturned.

But, I certainly feel as if I found art that is underappreciated. It is art we are all aware of, but it is one that is not as popular as it once was and that is the art of calligraphy. 

With many schools no longer teaching cursive writing, I almost feel as if that has lessened how often young people can appreciate or even learn calligraphy. After all, one of the aspects of calligraphy are the upstrokes and downstrokes.

It differs in that there are so many intricate aspects to perfecting calligraphy. Combined with the upstrokes and downstrokes, there are changes in line thickness.

It seems silly to say, but I feel like calligraphy is how one writes with an ‘accent’. It sort of gives the words you write a beautiful feeling. That is, if words can have a feeling.

Calligraphy is such a beautiful art form that is often used on wedding invitations. Not sure why, but I feel as if someone full of Grace, like Princess Diana, probably used this for her wedding invitations.

Another creative way calligraphy could have been utilized would have been by Vice President Kamala Harris, if she chose to make a bold statement when she took her office in the White House. 

Check out this piece by Peachmint Ink Studio. The calligraphy is beautifully done. They specialize in handwritten and digital letters to loved ones.

The romantic in me wonders if Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith write love letters back and forth. How romantic if they used calligraphy like Peachmint Ink Studio does. 

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One of our Her Blaze artists has video of her practicing this old, detailed art style. Check out the video posted by Lakhima Shankar Khan.

I find it incredibly calming to watch her practice. Check it out, along with all of her beautiful work she has created!

Lakhima does not consider herself a calligrapher, in fact, she doesn’t label her art in any way. But she does provide us with a beautiful video that allows her viewers to really see all that goes into writing and creating calligraphy art.

I love the diversity of our artists here at Her Blaze. I know that, each week when I write my blogs, I have a huge resource of unique, talented artists to share.

Times might be tough right now. For some of you, you are facing the threat of Tropical Storm Elsa.

Many women are in grief over Bill Cosby being released on a technicality. You might be struggling because you are a Serena Williams fan who is coming to terms with her injury that resulted in her bowing out of Wimbledon.

Regardless of what you are going through, art is a great, healthy way to process your feelings and to keep your mind busy. So, maybe you should try your hand at calligraphy and send it our way.

We would love to see your work!  

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