One of my favorite blogs to write is when I get to introduce our readers to our amazing artists. This week’s artist is one who I’m thrilled to write about.

Max and Rem are a father, son duo who live in Paris, France. It’s difficult to say anything positive about the pandemic, but this unique artist provides us with a positive take on it. 

On March 17, 2020, during the first lockdown, Rémy shared that he, his girlfriend, and their son were only allowed to go outside for an hour per day. Can you imagine being in a small, two bedroom apartment with an almost three year-old for 23 hours a day?

I think I would go stir crazy. So, to combat the fear for his son being unable to understand the very adult stuff happening in the world, Rémy wanted to make the best of a really scary situation. 

“To make fun during the long days at home, I started to build small animals with Lego Duplo, take pictures of them with my little boy, and send them to the family and friends.”

As time went on, these Lego pieces became more intricate and more unique. After a few months of this, he was encouraged to make an Instagram account so people from all over could appreciate his creative way of dealing with a very real pandemic. 

This next step actually led to orders from friends or followers on Instagram.

“Some people asked us to build a pangolin, an Iguana, a shark, a Boston terrier dog, the Netherlands flowers and mills, a lot of funny things!”

Just the simple act of making his child happy, Rémy found an incredibly unique way to also make the world happy. 

This piece built by Rémy says it all. You can see the love between father and son and their love of all of Rémy’s hard work.

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There’s one thing for certain, the smile on Max’ face is infectious and we can tell he is definitely enjoying quarantine now that his dad has made it fun! 

I don’t know about you (or Max) but I would kind of like to see Spongebob (or any Nickelodeon character) or a giant ice cream cone made out of Legos. Or maybe Rémy can make something with a Roblox or Fortnite theme.

After all, the kids seem to love these games. The opportunities really are endless.

As Ayah Bdeir said, “Lego has essentially taken the concrete block, the building block of the world, and made it into the building block of our imagination.”

And Rémy has allowed Max the ability to see the world differently, all through some amazingly, creative Lego creations!

We are incredibly proud to call Max and Rem Her Blaze artists and can’t wait to see what they build next! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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