Javier Romero is the Her Blaze featured artist for July. Javier comes to us from Mexico City.

Javier says he has loved drawing for as long as he can remember. But his art isn’t limited to drawing.

He has done industrial design, including toy designing, website creation, and even time-lapse videography. He is a master in digital art and also creates cartoons.

I think we can easily say that art is in his blood, it’s a huge part of who he is.

This astronaut piece is the art up for review today.

This digital art seems extra relevant given that Blue Origin launched its first fully-crewed mission with founder, Jeff Bezos, his brother, Mark, Wally Funk, 82, a former test pilot who was one of the Mercury 13 women (underwent training in the 1960s to demonstrate that women could meet NASA’s standards for its astronaut corps), and Oliver Daemen, 18, a Dutch teenager who will become the world’s youngest astronaut.

Even though Javier’s art came first, sharing it today just makes sense. Digital art, in this case, is a great way to showcase the contrast between the astronaut and the space, to possibly give us the ‘feelings’ of space like those with Bezos.

Javier does a great job at adding depth and movement so that those viewing the piece feel as if the astronaut is in mid-flight.

What I envision as lasers give this art more depth. The stars also add to that.

What could have been a flat, motionless art piece, very quickly became an astronaut floating in space. Javier does an amazing job at making this spaceman appear to be weightless, floating through space.

You can see much more of Javier’s art on his Instagram page. Be sure to show him so love by ‘applauding’ him at Her Blaze where you can read more about this month’s featured artist. 

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Javier’s art really gave me time to contemplate another timeless form of art, The Simpsons. Did you know that people believe The Simpsons predicted the Richard Branson (and others) space flight?

They also predicted the Trump presidency and Kamala Harris becoming vice-president. Makes me want to challenge Javier to utilize the Simpsons for his next art creation.

This recent space launch really makes this piece more relevant for Javier and I certainly hope it leads to many of you ordering a print of your very own. 

 Ashton Kutcher wanted to go to space but his wife persuaded him otherwise. He did say, “at some point, I am going into space.”

How many of you are on the same page as Ashton? After reading what Peter Diamandis said, “space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big,” it makes me contemplate going to space as well. 

Javier has shared his big dreams with us in the form of this astronaut art as well as in his time-lapse videography. We are so proud to have him as a Her Blaze artist and we are incredibly excited to see all the future art he creates! 

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