Today is American’s with disabilities day. It’s also challenge day.

You know what that means. I want to showcase art that supports those with disabilities.

Maybe you are an artist with a disability. This challenge is for you.

Or possibly, you’re an artist who loves to show the beauty of differently abled humans. You guessed it!

This challenge is for you. I am preparing myself now to see some pretty amazing art submissions. 

Every headline right now involves the Olympics. Unfortunately, this overshadows the Paralympic Games.

Through this challenge, we can dedicate art and time to those athletes overcoming all the odds to excel in ways many of us can never dream of.

Honoring our Paralympic athletes is so very important right now. 

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Becca Meyers is a deaf-blind athlete from Baltimore had to withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics because she was denied the ability to bring a personal-care assistant with her because of Covid.

She had wanted to utilize her mother as opposed to sharing one personal care assistant for all 34 Paralympic swimmers. According to CBS Sports, Meyers told the Washington Post she initially couldn’t find the dining hall during the Games and resultantly stopped eating, an experience that “frustrated” and “terrified” her.

Imagine being expected to compete at that level without the ability to do so safely and comfortably. 

In honor of amazing athlete Becca Meyers, let’s celebrate every human with different abilities by submitting art that showcases them.

Better yet, if you’re an artist living with different abilities yourself, we want your art too!

Let’s show the Olympic committee they were wrong not making accommodations for Becca! Let’s show the world that every person has value and brings so much to this world! 

Another inspirational artist worth mentioning is Ava Jolliffe. According to Lancashire Post Ava’s mother stated the exhibit titled ‘Facial Awareness’ is, “about strong women and strong facial expressions.

It’s important to her that people have these expressions, being deaf and being very severely visually impaired she relies very heavily on people’s facial expressions to understand a story.

She needs to be able to access people’s facial expressions and their lip patterns.” I was in complete awe when I read that. 

Ava uses her fingers to draw and works with an iPad Pro. I would be honored and elated if Ava, or an equally talented artist, would submit their work for the challenge. 

Help me spread the word. Help Her Blaze make this the best challenge to date.

Share our blog with the artists you know. Encourage them to submit their artwork.

Let’s remind the world that having a disability is not a reason for someone to not be included or valued. It’s quite the opposite.

It is something to recognize as a unique part of the bigger picture.

I wish I knew who said these wise words, because no truer words have been spoken, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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