I think that I have written a blog about graffiti being art, and I definitely stand by that statement. But today, I wanted to take that to the next level…vandalism.

Not the act of vandalizing public property with one’s graffiti but rather when someone chooses to vandalize art. Some of the most famous art pieces have been subjects of vandalism for as long as documentation shows.

I am not talking about public art either. No sir.

I am talking about someone walking into a museum and destroying a displayed piece of art.

What would ever make someone want to do this? It seems absolutely ridiculous to me. 

We all know there are vast amounts of stories about the Mona Lisa. There are conspiracies all over the place with this painting.

If I am being honest, I am not sure I will ever understand the attention this painting gets. I find it boring and even mediocre.

But, that is art for you. It certainly is subjective.

Despite my feelings of this painting, I do not agree with one trying to destroy it. But it has happened…a lot.

There are at least four documented cases of someone attempting to destroy this painting. Vandals have used acid, a rock, paint and even a tea cup. 

According to List Verse, Hans-Joachim Bohlmann is what some consider a prolific, serial art vandal. For more than 29 years he vandalized more than 50 famous art pieces.

His ‘weapon’ of choice was sulfuric acid. He committed these crimes over a 29 year time span.

It is believed that he did $180.3 million dollars worth of damage. Many people blame his diagnosed personality disorder as the cause for these crimes. 

What’s your take on these vandalism crimes? Can one blame a personality disorder?

And how do you hold someone accountable for that much monetary damage?

These are all art pieces that have been in museums where one assumes they’re protected. Clearly, when one destroys something, there isn’t a lot stopping us.

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If we look at more current events, (okay, current might be a stretch) we have seen many people make rash, sometimes unreasonable, choices because of mental illness.

We’ve seen Britney Spears and Kanye West both have public meltdowns. I wonder what the difference is when one breaks down and when one harms other things, like art?

Since this blog brought up personality disorders and mental illness, I also felt it necessary to let our Her Blaze family and supporters know that if you were hurt and/or abused by Andrew Cuomo, our thoughts and support are with you.

We hope New York handles it swiftly and that you can all get the justice you deserve. You are not alone and we believe you.

As Taylor Swift said with her sexual assault case, “You might be made to feel like you’re overreacting, because society has made this stuff seem so casual.”

But we hear you. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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