Happy national book lovers day! I love that today is even a thing.

What better way to lose yourself than in a good book? Since it is time for a challenge, I definitely wanted to encompass books.

But, Her Blaze is art, right? Well, writing a book would make one a word artist, right?

But, there are also really cool forms of book art. I know that you guys will come up with all sorts of unique book art, but I want to share with you what I found!

The first kind of art was literal bookmaking. Our very own Her Blaze artist, Andrés Alfonso connected us with another artist who embodies this week’s challenge.

Lucía is an amazingly talented bookbinder and illustrator. She creates beautiful, handmade notebooks.

She uses moleskin and creates unique art on each notebook. Her pieces are almost too beautiful to write in.

I have always wanted to travel and can totally incision myself using one of Lucía’s journals to remember my travels. Whether you’re going to Barcelona, Madrid, or Egypt, one of these journals would make an amazing keepsake. 

Another form of art that encapsulates this challenge could be graphic novel or comic book art. We have a very talented artist at Her Blaze who definitely captures the essence of the challenge.

Susana Badillo has been one of our artists who has made some pretty cool pieces inspired by shows like The Umbrella Academy and  Breaking Bad. I’m hoping that if Susana has new art, she’ll share it with us on this national book lovers day!

So, maybe you don’t make or bind books. And maybe you don’t create comic books or graphic novels? That’s okay.

In my search for book themed art I also came across people who actually use books to create an art piece by folding the pages of the book.

As basketball great, Olympian and author, Sue Bird said, “the one thing you learn is when you can step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable, you can see what you’re made of and who you are.”

So, even if you’re an artist who doesn’t always use books as your subject, what’s holding you back from trying? Push yourselves!

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We know you’ll come up with a unique piece of book themed art!  Head over to Her Blaze now to find out how to submit your art for this challenge. 

The art world took a big hit over the last few days. Actress Markie Post sadly passed away at the age of 70.

Also the great Dennis Thompson, co-founder of Kool and the Gang also passed at 70. Both were greats in their own art genre and certainly left their mark on the world.

We are forever grateful for their art and entertainment and our thoughts are with their families. We hope they find peace in knowing that the world is celebrating their loved ones alongside them. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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