We get some pretty cool artists who submit their work on Her Blaze. Some submissions come out of nowhere but some are a result of one of our weekly challenges.

This week, the artist I want to share with you submitted his art to our “beer art challenge”.  He is the perfect example for all you artists who see our weekly challenges and hesitate to submit your work.

Christian rose to the challenge and now gets to be a Her Blaze artist. We get to celebrate him with his own blog!!!

Christian Cedarfrost was born and raised in Sweden. He is a self-taught artist who has the innate ability to combine two things he’s passionate about: beer and digital art.

One thing Christian and I have in common is we both love the story each art piece tells. He doesn’t try to tell a story; however, he allows his art to tell its own story.

I love that. I love that he wants every person who views his work to feel their own emotions, to see their own story.

That means each piece he produces has an endless amount of stories to tell or lives to touch. 

You can see more of his creative work at Pingu Craft Beer on Instagram.

Christian reports he used craft beers that he has tried for each of his art pieces. Such a creative way to support those craft beer breweries not once but twice. 

I was checking out his amazing art and was imagining a local beer positioned in a thunderstorm or maybe at a Toronto Blue Jays game. I mean, beer and baseball do go hand in hand, right?

I also thought it would be great to see beer on the international space station. I don’t even drink beer but was excited looking at all of Christian’s amazing, unique art work.

I love everything about what this piece by Christian encompasses. I look at this as a gentle reminder to take care of our world, to cherish the beautiful wildlife, such as the sea turtles and elephants.

I love the imagery of the world both above and below the water. There is so much to see in just one piece.

If you head over to his Instagram page, you will see many more thought provoking, eye catching pieces. You won’t be sorry, I promise! 

As the olympics and Paralympics are finishing, I wanted to take a moment to remember the late, great Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who sadly passed away in 2009.

Today has notoriously been a tough day as it is also the day we lost Robin Williams. So, in celebration of Christian’s art, maybe we should all have a drink in memory of Shriver and Williams, both of whom left their mark on the world. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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