Cristina Palapa Barragán is a self-taught Mexican artist. She is also this month’s featured artist.

She fell in love with art and was fascinated by the feeling of creating from “nothing” and achieving a similar result to what her eyes saw. As she got older, she recognized the therapeutic aspects of art and used it to help her grieve.

That takes incredible strength for anyone to do, especially a child. Cristina’s personal strength is one of my favorite things about her, in addition to her being an amazing artist, that is. 

She learned many different techniques and used many different mediums throughout her education, training and career as an artist.

She trained at drawing, painting and sculpture workshops, so she learned to handle different materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, acrylic, oil and clay.

I think, given all her training, much of it at a young age, we could call her a prodigy! 

Just look at this sea turtle drawing Cristina created. Isn’t this drawing epic?

Combining two animals, both which need vast amounts of detail, just shows her abilities as an artist.

The different shading gives the turtle shell it’s depth and texture. It appears as if I could run my hand over the shell and feel each little groove or line.

And the jellyfish? More movement is added with that detail.

It is amazing to me that anyone can create the look of transparency through art.

Being from Florida, I can really appreciate this piece and even kind of hoped she’d create another wildlife drawings, but this time of alligators!

There’s no arguing her talent when you look at this drawing. What defines art for me isn’t necessarily the technical work put into it, but rather the feelings I get from it.

Sometimes, when it comes to animals and wildlife, I struggle because art often depicts animals in captivity. But Cristina doesn’t.

This drawing makes me feel at peace, as if the turtle and jellyfish are in their home, in the depths of cold, ocean water.

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If you want to see more of Cristina’s amazing work, head over to her Instagram page now! 

I think it is clear why Her Blaze is so thrilled to have Cristina as a Her Blaze artist. It’s also pretty apparent why she is this month’s featured artist.

Anyone who designs and implements an artistic creativity workshop for children with outstanding abilities is a special kind of person.

It was John F. Carlson who said “a picture is a work of art, not because it is ‘modern’, nor because it is ‘ancient’, but because it is a sincere expression of human feeling.” 

One can see and feel Cristina’s sincere expressions. She creates art in such a way that one can feel their own feelings and tell their own story, and that is the best way to create art. 

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