As the mother of two young men living with disabilities, one would think I would have put more thought into art that anyone and everyone can experience.

According to Learning English, The Utrecht Central Museum in The Netherlands offered an unusual art exhibit this month. It is one that I think is needed and, at least from my perspective, and highly respected.

The art display called “The Blind Spot” allowed visiting art viewers to look at artworks as expected. But, they could also touch and smell them, making them a pretty inclusive art exhibit for those who have vision difficulties. 

This exhibit got me thinking. I imagine many artists already do this without thinking but I wanted to make it a challenge this week.

What we want to see here at Her Blaze is art that uses more than our sense of sight. 

The above picture shows an individual art piece that was displayed in the exhibit.

This one happens to focus highly on touch. But there were pieces that used many senses. One even used the smell of cheese.

As last night was a ‘Blue Moon’ I can’t help but picture art of the moon where one could feel all the creators and rocks that are known to make up the surface of the moon.

But, how would one allow someone to feel, hear or even smell the fact that one is trying to portray a blue moon? 

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Another example of art that would fit this week’s challenge, pictured below, painted by Eva Crawford who is, according to WCNC, an artist in residence with the Van Gogh exhibit.

As part of her residency, Crawford created a textural painting inspired by Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” piece that is meant to be touched.

Crawford shared, “The woman felt her textural painting and proceeded to describe the circle at the center of the flower and branches — ultimately determining it was a sunflower.” 

If you’ve read our previous blogs about art challenges, you know there really are no rules or even expectations. There’s also no explanation needed.

Any artist who feels their art fits this challenge, then we want to see and share your inclusive art. Maybe you have taken a visual art piece and added an auditory aspect explaining it, then submit your art!

Or it’s possible that you love campgrounds as much as I do. Your art piece might include the smell of campfire with the sounds of crackling fire.

These are just ideas that popped into my head. Your ideas and submissions will be exciting for all of us to see and appreciate and we want to share it with the world!

Country musician Kacey Musgraves said, “ Just do something that makes you stand out. Even if not everyone likes it, just so it.”

What are you waiting for? Listen to Kacey and head over to Her Blaze to find out how to participate in this week’s challenge! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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