Today, I have the honor and privilege to introduce you to one of our creative artists here at Her Blaze.  Fredrik Magnusson is a photographer based in Umeå, Sweden.

Fredrik’s start in the arts differs from many. It wasn’t his love of art or even photography that captured his heart or attention; it was his love of beer!

Fredrik said, “My inspiration comes from different directions. Sometimes it’s the can art (Paying the price for my smooth ride), sometimes the beer name (Death by disco, Neapolitan Ice cream, Vigrum Mosaik), and sometimes I just try to shoot a clean photo playing with light and colors.” 

Photography takes talent, that’s for sure.

As Aaron Siskind says, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

The above piece is one Fredrik shared on his Instagram page. I imagine this is one of those instances where the name of the beer caught his attention.

In some of his photos, he pictures just the product, but in others, he uses the most creative props to bring that beer to life. He uses the props to tell a story, which is one of the most important parts of art.

The story captures my attention and keeps me engaged.  It allows me to look deeply into the art and find details I might otherwise have overlooked.

Fredrik said it best when he said, “My dream is to have fun and work with what I love, which obviously is beer, meeting new people and try to take as good photos as I possibly can.”

This photograph he took of a beer made by ‘Apex Brewing Company’ made me think. Imagine the things that can be done by tying this beer in with Apex Legends, the video game.

Other video games also come to mind, such as Dead by Daylight or Assassin’s Creed. Or better yet, imagine what his creative eye can come up with pairing Ole Miss football with beer?  

Artists like Fredrik are multi-talented. He has taken his art form to a different level.

He has mastered product photography, without question. But he didn’t stop there.

He works with photoshop, props and lighting to come up with new techniques daily. Fredrik came to us via one of our weekly blog challenges and we are so thankful he did.

We love seeing the new art he produces and are so glad we have the privilege of sharing his art with you. 

Since September 8 is full of celebrity birthdays, it’s only fitting if we all grab a craft beer to celebrate.

Let’s make a toast and wish happy birthday to Pink, Wiz Khalifa and Bernie Sanders! 

While we’re at it, let’s toast to Fredrik Magnusson and his love for craft beer, which he has turned into an amazing art form!  

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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