Each month, one of our Her Blaze artists is chosen to be our featured artist. For an entire month, they are showcased in special ways.

One way is to do an art review.

This month, our featured artist is Christian Cedarfrost. He is a self-taught, digital artist from Sweden who likes to showcase his love of craft beer.

One thing he wants to achieve through his art is for each piece to tell its own story to the person looking at it. That is one of my very favorite aspects of art is having the ability to see my own story with every creation. 

I just love this piece. Christian’s talent is apparent with this creation.

The beer can definitely catch one’s attention. Utilizing it as the lighthouse is super creative.

He took what someone might see as ‘just a beer can’ and made it an impactful piece of art with a message. The vision Christian portrays with this art shows just how brilliant Earth is.

I love his use of wildlife; after all, elephants are my favorite animal. The only thing that would make this more endearing, to me, would be a dolphin breaching the water around the island. 

This art is definitely complete, dolphin or not. And it gives me all good feelings and I don’t even enjoy beer.

The beer can, for Christian, is the center of his art. For me, this digital art just makes me love and appreciate our world.

It makes me want to protect our earth, including the animals and plants. It might even be making me want a drink, although I’d prefer whiskey to beer.

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One thing I know about digital art is that it takes incredible creativity. But, the artist also needs to have a good grasp on technology.

It can be completely computer generated or, like Christian has mastered, an artist can photograph a product and then digitally alter it.

The talent it takes to think creatively and logically is something I can’t imagine. What I can imagine is Christian will continue to create unique art that appeals to beer lovers and art lovers alike.

And, we are incredibly grateful to have him as a Her Blaze artist! 

That art piece is drastically different than some others you will find on Christian’s Instagram Page. Just look at this other creation he came up with!

I wonder what story you tell when you see this piece.

It almost fit our challenge this week of scary or horror themed art.

You don’t have to paint an epic painting on a canvas for it to be art. Digital art, as Christian shows us, is equally creative and thought provoking.

If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, there’s even a beer can with a Buffalo. 

Whether you were intrigued by Christian’s depiction of Earth in the first picture or not, there are certainly many more pieces for you to enjoy on his Instagram page.

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