When I decide on an art challenge for the week, I look at many different things. I look at holidays and sports, primarily because those are two of the things most people are talking about.

My idea honestly can come from anywhere. This week, I stumbled upon an artist whose specialty is realism, specifically portraits.

His art was jaw dropping so I decided I wanted to see what amazingly realistic portraits you can come up with!  Realism art is exactly as it sounds.

It is the act of representing something or someone as accurately and truthfully as possible. 

Just look at this drawing Dhiman Roy created of Emma Stone. He caught every last detail of her face.

It was done so well and so realistically that I initially thought it was a photograph. I can’t imagine having such talent.

He has a portrait of Albert Einstein in progress and it is beyond detailed. I was thrilled when he agreed to let me share his talent with you. 

Her Blaze also has an artist, Jessica Feldman who has created the most stunning portrait I have ever seen.

Not only did I find myself captivated by the woman in this painting,

I was also in awe of Jessica’s ability to capture the beauty and individuality of this woman. 

So, here is what I’m challenging you. I want to see portraits of your favorite musicians.

Maybe that would be Adele or Taylor Swift. Send us portraits of sports stars.

This is the perfect challenge for a Dallas Cowboys fan.

We don’t just want to see portraits of famous people. We want to see your family and the people who inspire you.

Maybe you’re a painter or a digital artist.

Another art movement that would be great for this challenge would be tattooing! People often honor their loved ones with beautiful art tattooed onto their body permanently.

You know the rules, there are no rules. If you have any art that you feel fits this challenge, head over to Her Blaze to submit your portrait challenge today!

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Writing this blog was difficult this week. The art community, our local community here in Florida and even the national news has been talking, at length, about artist Gabby Petito.

We can’t imagine the anguish her family is under. Gabby shared her world with us through her camera lense.

Angelina Jolie once said, “Wherever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else.”

Gabby never felt that way because she was always on an adventure, with a camera in her hand. It has been a horrific week for everyone who knows and loves her.

The Her Blaze family is sending love and healing to them all. We can’t imagine the pain they are feeling right now.

Don’t worry darling, you will always be in the hearts of everyone who loves you! 

**Featured Image by HB Artist Andrés Alfonso

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