At Her Blaze, we want to provide our artists with opportunities to showcase their talents.

There are so many calls for art and we don’t want you to miss out simply because you were unaware.

Today’s art opportunity is a great one for any artist, anywhere! 

Embracing Our Differences is a not-for-profit organization based in Sarasota, Florida, that uses the power of art and education to expand consciousness and open the heart to celebrate the diversity of the human family.

Despite being located in Florida, they are seeking art from anyone, anywhere in the world. According to their website, “Artists, professionals, amateurs, students – everyone can participate. National and international submissions are encouraged. There is no submission or entry fee and there is no limit on the number of submissions. There is no restriction on entering art which has been submitted to previous competitions.” 

In addition to no entry fee, there will be 3, $1000 prizes, one for “Best-in-Show Adult;” “Best-in-Show Student;” and “People’s Choice.” 

The theme for submissions is “enriching lives through diversity and inclusion.”

I mean, how great is that?! What does diversity and inclusion even mean?

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To me, it is when we establish a place of belonging for everyone. It is being empathetic and helping everyone to thrive without ‘fixing’ or ‘changing’ people to fit our mold. 

Her Blaze artist Jimena Castillejos created this piece that she accompanied with the following quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ ‘ said by Eleanor Roosevelt. If that doesn’t show inclusion and diversity, I don’t know what does. Jimena herself said, “We are all formed by many different and unique pieces that, in the end, makes us who we are, as a whole. Just like a puzzle.”

Just like this beautiful piece she created, as an artist, she embodies both diversity and inclusion. 

As the United States deports many Haitian immigrants, this art exhibit is even more important.

When you live in a country that talks endlessly about freedoms and equality and asylum seekers give up everything for the ‘American dream’, it is non-profits like Embracing Our Differences that leave their positive mark on the world. We need more of that.

In fact, this call for art and the organization hosting it embodies everything the United Nations stands for.

Now, if we could get people and organizations to back up all this talk with actions, the entire world would be a better place. 

Do you know of any calls for art that you think our artists need to know about? Send them our way!

We want to support our artists, and all artists, in any way possible. We want to help the world see unique, creative art that they otherwise might miss.

Head over to Her Blaze now for contact information and for how you can become a Her Blaze artist. 

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