Today’s art question isn’t like one I’ve asked before. But, with the recent news of Gabby Petito, it is one that needs to be asked.

Where is, now 24 year-old, Alexis Scott?

She went missing 4 years ago after attending a party in Peoria, Illinois. Her family has been running this Social media page ever since.

I know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with art?

Well, I’m about to tell you! 

Chicago-based artist, Damon Lamar Reed has created an art project called ‘Still Searching’.

He focuses on missing women from Illinois. He creates murals and portraits of these missing women and they are displayed at a former Chicago Public School building that is now used for a fine arts program.

When asked about his project, Reed said “It was to give voice to the voiceless. Some of these high-profile cases (like Scott’s) can help raise awareness for the cases that no one is paying attention to.”

Damon is definitely making a statement with his art. He has created the  Still Searching Documentary where he uses his status as a hip-hop artist and  muralist to create art of missing black women and girls from Chicago. 

I love art with a message, anyone who has read any of my blogs knows that. But this art takes on a whole new meaning.

Reed uses his art to tell the stories of women and girls that the world doesn’t know, but should. Everyone one of these beautiful, lost souls deserves the national support and coverage that Gabby received.

Their families need closure. They need answers.

They need their loved ones home. Every missing report deserves to have no stone left unturned. 

So, where is Alexis Scott?

Where is Yasmin Rayon Acree?

Where is Yvette Teague?

A Chicago Crusaders reporter was quoted to have said, “Many argue the stories of young black girls and women who are missing don’t get the same degree of local, national, and global attention as that of Elizabeth Smart or Natalee Holloway.”

Creed added to that stating, “the racial disparities in local, national, and global media coverage, social media, inactive case, suspended investigations, leads black communities to question, do missing black women and girls really matter?”

To us?


It shouldn’t take a hip hop artist/muralist to draw attention to missing women and girls. We should all be standing together to bring them home.

This artist has quickly become one of my favorites and I hope that his amazing work will bring much needed attention to the fact that there are so many missing people that are completely forgotten.

Well, the Her Blaze  family hasn’t forgotten and we will do all we can to share Damon Lamar Reed’s art as well as bring attention to all the missing people the world is so soon to forget. 

I know, not my typical ‘art question’ but I will leave you with a few questions to ponder.

Where are these women and children?

Why doesn’t the world know their names?

Why are we still searching?

One thing is for sure.

Reed is a hero to the families who just want to bring their loved ones home. He is making the world take notice.

He’s saying their names. He’s showing their faces.

He won’t back down and neither will we, after all, Black Lives Matter. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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  1. Beautiful blog. It’s heartbreaking to see the difference in which the police and federal government handled the petitio case versus the thousands of missing colored woman. Great blog thank you for sharing your thoughts on this tragedy

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