Apparently, the week of September 26 through October 2 is National Keep Kids Creative Week. There is nothing more creative than art, right?

So for this week’s art challenge, we want submissions from our young artists. Let’s celebrate this week of creativity by appreciating the amazing talent of our young Her Blaze family.

After all, the young artists are grossly under-appreciated! If you are an artist who is under 18, your art is exactly what we are looking for this week!

Child actor, Storm Reid said, “if you’re not represented, then sometimes you might not feel hopeful and don’t feel like you can do something that other people are doing when you’re just as worthy as they are.” 

This Marvel DC collaboration was produced by 14 year-old artist, Esra. She considers herself a realism artist and her medium of choice is colored pencils.

She has some great pieces, including a flamingo, a Covid 19 inspired piece and a woman playing a piano. At 14, she exhibits more talent than most adults I know.

Any of her art pieces would be great for our challenge this week. 

Her Blaze artist Silke de Rapper is our only artist under 18. Her art is drastically different from Esra’s.

Silke is a hairstylist, specializing in braids. One thing Esra and Silke have in common is that both are self taught!

Such impressive and talented young artists!

Silke said, “One day I hope to find a new braiding technique, which doesn’t already exist, this would be a really intricate thing, because there are just so many techniques.”

One of the most thought provoking things about child artists is that Picasso himself got his start at 13.  Kieron Williamson was even younger than that. 

You don’t have to wait until you’re an ‘adult’ for the world to see your art. Sometimes, getting started with the challenge can be the toughest step to complete.

Maybe I can help with some ideas. There are no limitations but we’d love to see art from the series ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘The Walking Dead’, video games fan art featuring Halo Infinite or Diablo II. 

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So often, we hear people say, “I’m just an artist”.
Just an artist?

We also want permission and encouragement to do things. When it comes to making art, no one needs permission, yet we often ask for and seek it.

Every human has the capability of self-expression, just as every human is capable of creativity. There especially is no age requirement.

So, after you’re done reading this weekly challenge blog, head over to Her Blaze for submission instructions. We cannot wait to see all the creative and unique art.

We also can’t wait to share the submissions with the entire Her Blaze audience!

As said by famous child prodigy, Greta Thunberg, “I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.” 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

P.S. As a special treat, the featured image for today’s blog was created by my 15 year old, little sister Kiyah! We will be posting to our social media later this week. 🙂

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