It is really important for us at Her Blaze to provide as many resources and opportunities for our artists as possible. So, I decided to throw in an extra ‘Call For Art’ blog.

This art opportunity is a bit ‘dirty’ and aimed for any artist 18 or over. ‘The Dirty Show’ is looking for ‘Erotic Art’ submissions.

The rules are simple for this one. The artist can submit art of any medium as long as it EROTIC and legal.

It also must have been created in the last two years. All submissions must be of original design and personal execution.

All artists must be at least 18 years of age. For photographers, you must keep signed model releases on file, stating your models were at least 18 years of age, and available at our request.

Artwork submitted to previous Dirty Show exhibitions will not be considered.

This erotic art will be displayed from February 11-19, 2022, Detroit, Michigan. Attendance is not required to participate.

But  artists who submit art will be admitted to the exhibition at no charge on any night of their choosing. There’s no stress or hurry for this opportunity as artists have until December 1 to submit their art and it’s only a $15 submission fee. 

FREE with code “HERBLAZE

The Dirty Show has been around more than ten years. The website goes on to state, “the Dirty Show® has been considered one of the largest and most important erotic art exhibitions on the planet. Each year, the exhibit features hundreds of quality erotic works, in virtually every imaginable media, from all over the world. It has become an immersive experience, with world-class performance artists on the stage and in the audience. It attracts a diverse and cutting-edge audience of free-spirited Detroiters, whose yearly attendance has continued to grow into the thousands. Now, celebrating its 22nd year, the exhibition continues to push boundaries, and remains a beacon for established and emerging artists from around the world.”

Kind of makes me wish I lived closer to Detroit. 

I know Her Blaze has some artists whose art would be great for this show.

One of these artists is Cal Heath who creates some pretty amazing vulva art.

She states, “ I started doing this artwork when I heard that a lot of young women were having labiaplasty surgery because they thought their perfectly normal vulvas were somehow abnormal, ugly or deformed.”

So, not only does she remove the shame, but adds so much beauty to her art!

I secretly hope she’ll submit a piece (or two) for this exhibit. 

We certainly hope many of you will submit your art to this fun exhibit. But please don’t think this is not a  beauty pageant.

This exhibit is definitely one that intends on pushing the limits. A bustier might even be too tame.

So, if you’re an artist who produces erotic art, push the limits. Make a piece more provocative than Gwyneth Paltro’s recent bathtub picture.

If you’re an erotic artist and want to become a Her Blaze artist, head over to the website for details! We’d love to share your art with the world!

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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