At Her Blaze it is our goal to help artists in any way we can. One way we like to support artists is by finding great opportunities for artists to submit their work to shows and competitions.

There are so many great opportunities and we don’t want you to miss out. This week’s opportunity is called “Human Faces and Figures”  and is brought to you by Las Laguna Art Gallery

The entry fee is $35 for up to three images.

The deadline is December 12 and the exhibition is January 6-29, 2022. 

So, here is what you need to know.

For this artist opportunity the gallery is seeking works that examine human emotions, faces and figures. Works can be representational or abstract.

All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur and multiple art mediums will be considered in this call for art.

Works in Acrylic, Airbrush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Encaustic, Fiber Art, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Painting, Pastel, Photography (Traditional and Digital), Printmaking and Watercolor, will be considered.

All artists who submit to this show will be accepted and have at least one of their submitted works posted and promoted on our website. 

A select number of artists will be selected to send their work to the gallery for the in-person exhibition at our brick and mortar gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

FREE with code “HERBLAZE

As depression rates have tripled during the Covid pandemic, this art opportunity is pretty important. An art exhibit celebrating human emotion is impactful.

Why not include depression in that, especially given the drastic increase in rates? After all, there’s no vaccine or immunity for depression. That is something that anyone can struggle with at any given time.

As actress Jennifer Lawrence said, “a powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind. And also knows how to get what she wants.”

I don’t know about you, but I think an art piece showcasing the woman she described would be a great entry for this exhibit!

Maybe she’s talking about herself? Or possibly Kamala Harris, Adele or even Shannen Doherty?

Or better yet, she’s probably describing someone you love! 

Her Blaze artist, Andrés Alfonso has so many amazing pieces that capture human emotion. He paints in a way that captivates those who view his art.

When I look at his paintings, I forget that I’m not looking at an actual person. It is hard to believe Andrés painted these himself! 

In addition it Andrés, Her Blaze has many more artists who we hope will have items in this exhibit.

Head over to the Instagram pages of some of my favorite artists: Miri Baruch, Marisa Quartin and Jimena Castillejos.

Each of these artists is unique and able to capture human emotion in all the fine details.

Comment below if you know any artists who should submit their work to be displayed in this exhibit. 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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