More than two hundred years ago, long before the camera was invented, people wishing to have an inexpensive portrait created of their loved ones would have visited a silhouette artist. 

Etienne de Silhouette was as a French minister who had a reputation for doing things cheaply. One of those things was his creation of these single hue outline with high contrast.

His love of this ‘cheap’ art form led to ‘silhouette’ being an actual phrase or term in the art world. 

Silhouette art has transformed into more than a simple outline. Check out the piece below by Anjana Varghese.

She created a silhouette that provides viewers so many things to look at and interpret. Is this her take on Mother Earth?

Regardless of how you see this silhouette, I imagine we can all agree that it is far from the idea that a silhouette is cheap or simple.

As John Lennon said, “the greatest artists always come round to simplicity.” Maybe he was talking about the silhouette technique. 

Her Blaze  has more than a few amazing artists who have created some silhouette pieces. One of our artists, Brandy Renee made a piece that is complementary to the piece above where she captured the beautiful silhouette of a pregnant woman.

Despite both pieces depicting pregnancy and being a silhouette, they are both dramatically different which is exactly why this challenge can produce some very creative and unique submissions. 

Brandy Renee isn’t the only Her Blaze artist who has perfected the silhouette.

Jessica Feldman and Grace Olivia are both artists who have some pretty amazing and unique art including silhouette pieces. 

There are some storms in our area, making it difficult to go outside.  If you live in an area under severe weather warnings, maybe you can spend some time creating a piece of art for this week’s challenge.

I saw tsunami concerns in Hawaii. Let’s take advantage of forced time inside by creating beautiful art! 

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Not sure who to make a silhouette of, I might have a few fun ideas. I’d love to see your creative take on one of The Simpsons characters or maybe a character from Quantum of Solace.

I think a silhouette of Willy Wonka would be fun. Either way, I know we will get some amazing submissions for this week’s challenge. 

Head over to Her Blaze to find out how to submit art for this week’s challenge.

You’ll also find instructions on becoming a Her Blaze artist like Jessica and Grace.

Your bio and submitted art will be showcased on our webpage and you’ll get an entire blog all about you!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out! And, even though I’m biased, the Her Blaze family is a great place to belong! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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