Challenge: A Mosaic of the Mind!

It’s challenge day, again! I’m not going to lie.

This week has been very busy and today has been no exception.

Sometimes, I have a challenge idea for days before I decide to write about it. But not today. I took a little different approach.

We have some great artists as part of our Her Blaze family so today, I decided I wanted to share one of our amazing artists and use their work as inspiration for the challenge. 

Sylvie Pouilliaux Bridelance has created some pretty amazing art. One art technique she used that inspired today’s challenge is that of mosaic art.

The piece below has a really cool Roman feel to it. In fact, she plans on using it in an exhibition.

Sylvie encompasses just one example of great mosaic artwork. 

Another reason I wanted to see some mosaic art is because I found a really amazing project happening in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

In Greenfield, a mosaic mural, being designed by and created by Ashfield artist, Bob Markey, is happening as we speak. But what makes this art stand out is who is helping him create it and exactly why it is happening.

The mosaic mural is a project of the Franklin County Transition from Jail to Community Task Force with support by the Re-entry Team of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Some of the community members involved with creating this mosaic mural are people who have been incarcerated and/or have struggled with substance abuse.

The photo below shows Bob Markey, on the right, assisting Greenfield resident, Joseph Phillips, according to The Recorder

So, maybe you’re an independent, work alone artist, like Sylvie, and you have a great mosaic piece to submit.

We can’t wait to see it. You don’t have to have a huge community project to fit this challenge.

I’ve seen a lot of animal themed mosaics during my search. Subject matter including eagles, falcons and even dolphins.

But you know what I’d really love to see?

Something Halloween.

Maybe something taking me back to the innocent days of childhood like “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. 

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So, here is what you can do to participate in this challenge. Head over to Her Blaze or send an email to [email protected] and include at least three pieces of art.

Include your biography, consisting of a minimum of 250 words, your photo and links to your social media pages, websites and e-commerce pages.

That’s it! We do the rest from there.

We’ll add you to our webpage, share your art on our social media pages and eventually include you and your artwork in a blog! You definitely want to be a part of that.

As Oprah Winfrey said, “with every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.”

Use those inspirational words and start painting your canvas, figuratively and literally, and know that you have the support of Her Blaze behind you! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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  1. Amazing to see a positive rehabilitation program that is outside of prison walls. Great story to have covered Erin.

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