Opportunity: Cultural Center of Cape Cod – “Empowerment vs. Exploitation” – Call for Artists!

Empowerment vs. Exploitation. Two very powerful words that capture one’s attention immediately.

Today’s blog is a call for art submissions that fit “Empowerment vs. Exploitation”.

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is asking for art submissions that foster conversation about gender-based issues like discrimination, media objectification, sexual exploitation, and intimate partner violence.

On their webpage, they state, “What’s caused the injustice? Are we doomed, or is there a solution?

As we look into improving these long-standing challenges, we ask, how do we move away from exploitation and empower ourselves and others?

What some consider empowerment, others might feel to be exploitative, and the opposite is also true.

We invite your art to challenge societal views and to address this subject matter in thought-provoking ways.

The Center has six galleries with spaces that can accommodate complete transformation with lighting and sound and large sculptural pieces.

We also invite proposals for programmatic content to be considered.”

Artists can submit anywhere from one piece to 20 pieces. The first entry fee is $30 and every submission after the first is an additional $5.

You can see all the rules for submission by heading to The Art Guide. You can also head to Cultural Center of Cape Cod as well. 

Her Blaze artist Molly Nixon-Karistinos uses her art to expose judgements and stigmas allow for voices seldom seen or heard.

She has more than a few pieces that could certainly fit the call for empowerment vs. exploitation.

Take the piece below.

I see empowerment. Molly is depicting the beauty of a woman’s body. But to some, they might consider it exploitation. I guess art really is subjective!

Either way, I certainly hope that Molly considers entering her art for this amazing art exhibit! 

As a movie about Serena and Venus Williams debuts, Kristen Stewart gets engaged to her girlfriend and critical race theory is still a hot topic, I think this art exhibit is that much more important.

Same-sex marriage and abortion are still in the headlines daily…in 2021!

Imagine if our government decided to regulate men’s reproductive rights? The nation would come unglued, yet it is an everyday occurrence for women. 

Whether you’re a Her Blaze artist or not, we hope you’ll share your submissions with us.

If submitting your art for the exhibit is not something you’re interested in, we hope you’ll consider submitting your art to Her Blaze so we can share your vision and your voice with the world!

As Dido Dunlop said, “Ecofeminism adds that patriarchy devalues women, and therefore devalues nature, because nature is seen as mother. Women and nature get trashed together. Anything patriarchy associates with women is also trashed: caring, compassion, mothering, emotions, looking after nature, valuing life over money. To survive the climate emergency, we need to know we’re part of Mother Nature. To value nature, we must honor women too, and vice versa.”

And that, my friends, is exactly what this call for art is all about! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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