Untapped: Art on the Beach!

One of my very favorite things on this planet is the beach. I am blessed to live somewhere warm that affords me the privilege of putting my feet in the ocean any time I want.

Another thing I really appreciate is art so when I can combine the two, that makes for near perfection. Today I want to share with you an “untapped” form of art.

It is something that is remarkably beautiful and unique.

And the fact that it is located on the beach makes it even more beautiful! 

The above sculpture is created by combining reclaimed wood and stained glass.

This particular artist is an English artist named Louise Durham.

Besides her amazing talent, she’s also ‘different’ from your typical stained glass artist. “I’m not your usual stained-glass artist,” she says, “It’s an exact art form that is really for the perfectionist.”

She adds, “I’m the opposite, I’m an imperfectionist, and I think that that is part of my work.”

The fact that she embraces her imperfections just makes me appreciate her unique artwork even more.

As I was looking at Durham’s stunning art, I developed a deeper appreciation for who she is as an artist, especially knowing she said, “Maybe the glasswork is not as flawless as you would find in a church window, but when the light shines through, the wonky line is no longer an issue, the colors just come alive, and we can appreciate what is seen,” she says.

“This is how I feel about us imperfect beings, at the end of the day we all have the same hurts and insecurities, it’s just whether we are given the opportunities to let our light shine anyway.”

The artist adds, “Glass gives me this moment of magical transformation.”

Her Blaze artist Anna Chan has her own unique twist of “art on the beach”.

Like Durham, she creates unique sculptures that only make the beautiful beach just one step closer to perfection.

I love her ability to create animals out of shells and stones. Just look at these penguins she created! 

The ability to create art that is so pleasing to the viewer with an almost perfect backdrop is difficult.

One could argue that making a blank canvas look good is easy. But how do you improve the all natural view of the ocean?

These two artists have figured that out. 

Are you an artist who leaves your art at the beach? Or maybe you know of an artist who creates art on the beach?

Comment below your favorite artists or send them to Her Blaze  to find out how they can become one of our artists.

We would love more artists who create this creative, untapped art on the beach!

Don’t have something ready quite yet? That’s okay!

We will wait; after all, as Will Smith said, “when you create art, the world has to wait.” 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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