Challenge: Art and Fiber Optics!

So, today’s challenge is going to be fun.

This weekend, I celebrated my birthday and found a really cool piece of art that inspired today’s blog. Check it out!

The Wishing Tree was created by Symmetry Labs. This particular piece is a Banyan Tree which is unique to Florida.

I don’t know what it is about this fiber optic, LED art sculpture but I could have stared at it all night.

I decided that given how much I appreciated this life-sized Banyan tree sculpture, I decided we needed to have a fiber optic art challenge. 

Now, in this instance, a company (alongside artists) came up with this sculpture but don’t let that dissuade you from submitting your creative fiber optic, LED light artwork.

Just think, if someone sees a painting or sculpture, how long do you think they spend looking at just one piece? A few minutes?

Well, fiber optic art is forever changing. Not only can someone spend a longer time taking in the calm, serene art, it can also provide the healing power of light.

I can attest that I took numerous pictures over an extended period of time as the sculpture changed. The Wishing Tree also provides the comfort provided by nature. 

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I think a nature themed fiber optic piece would be amazing. But what about things like the lunar eclipse or  an aquarium theme?

The creativity that one could put into that would be extraordinary. The other idea I had (that I secretly hope someone does) is a jelly fish themed, fiber optic sculpture.

I think that would be perfect for this Her Blaze challenge.

What’s better than all of those ideas? A birthday themed piece! That would make for the best birthday gift for any art lover (especially this one!) 

So, now that you’re all really excited about this week’s challenge, let me share the details with you.

Each Monday, Her Blaze writes an art challenge blog. We are always wanting to add artists to our team and any and all art is accepted.

But each week, we encourage artists to submit specific themed art.

What do you win?

Well, we promote you and your art on our website. You will get mentioned in blogs regularly and even have a blog written all about you.

You can even become our featured art for an entire month!! In short, you become our family.

We share your art any way we can. We help promote you.

Why? Because we love and appreciate art.

It makes the world a better place (which is what Her Blaze wants to do too!)

So, I’ll leave you with some wise words said by Ed Sheehan, “the main thing you have to remember on this journey is, just be nice to everyone and always smile.”

Comment below and share some art challenges you’d like to see. If we use your idea, we’ll give you a special shout-out in the blog!!! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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