Emiliana Henriquez – November 2021

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Emiliana Henriquez born in El Salvador and later relocating to East Los Angeles in the 90’s, has been surrounded by hispanic culture and traditions. 

During the Rodney King riots, Emiliana’s parents encouraged their children to immerse themselves in the life and culture of music and art.

Not only was this a distraction, but it also provided them with safe activities away from all the violence surrounding them. 

At the young age of 10 Emiliana picked up her first paint brush where she experimented with collage and mixed media. 

She has learned by experience and often dabbles in multiple expressions, however, realism may be her first love. 

She mentions finding realism in the intimacy of faces.  I wonder if she could express what she means when she says “drawn back…to the intimacy of faces”.  

Looking at her work, she does a great job making the facial expression a focal point to the “feelings” of her artwork. 

Most of her work feels intimate and as if you are standing in the room with her while she paints these pieces.  Capturing the feeling on the faces of her models gives the audience a short story. 

Andrew Garfield said it best when he said, “I love the idea that if you know someone’s story, it’s impossible not to love them. This is potentially hokey but incredibly true, as far as I’m concerned.”

I don’t know about you, but I love when art makes me feel all sorts of unexpected emotions! 

The intimate, detailed painting really allows the viewer to feel the emotion. It’s as if we can actually connect with the people she painted. 

The brush strokes are done with intention but care, giving her paintings a soft, romantic feel.

Her take on realism in the above piece is captivating. 

Do you feel like you can feel their story when looking at Emiliana’s art? 

Emiliana finds inspiration in classical realists like Paul Gauguin as well as Lisa Yuskavage and Amy Sherald. 

Emiliana continues to live in Los Angeles, California where she creates beautifully detailed portraiture and other mixes of art.

Check out more of Emiliana on her website where you will find beautiful paintings showcasing her studio work as well as paintings and photography. 

Be sure to check out Emiliana’s store to purchase your very own piece. 

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