Opportunity: “Changing Perspective” – A National Juried Exhibition

  • I love when we have the opportunity to provide artists with fun opportunities.

I am pretty excited about this one.

Part of my excitement is the ability for one to interpret this call for art in many different ways.

Either way, I think it would be great to attend or participate in.

Changing Perspectives is juried by Scott Hutchinson and there are $500 in cash prizes just waiting to be awarded.

It is stated on the website “Artists are invited to submit works to Changing Perspectives in which they may interpret the theme in several ways:  literal interpretations such as works representing unusual, off-kilter or innovative perspective as seen by the viewer; pieces in which artists change their own standard use of perspective in their work; or figurative interpretations where artists step out of their comfort zones and change the aesthetics of their typical artistic methods or subjects. Entrants will be asked to submit a paragraph indicating how their work fits the theme.”.

Artists can submit up to 2 pieces for the $35 fee and the deadline is Monday, January 3, 2022 at 5pm EST.

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Some other useful information needed is as follows (please see the website for a complete list):

*By entering artwork(s) in this show, artist agrees that these works are currently available – not in any other show, on any online or other sales venues or otherwise unavailable to deliver to show if accepted.  Artist agrees that any accepted work will be available to deliver by deadline specified and will be removed from any online sales venue until close of the show.    

*All work must be for sale, priced at $100 and up.  No work accepted and hung in the show may be removed by the artist until close of the show.  Work is considered consigned to Gallery Underground, who will be the exclusive seller of the work for the duration of the show.       

* All work must be ready for presentation with the appropriate framing and hanging wire.  Framing standards will be sent upon acceptance of your work.  Work not meeting these framing standards will not be hung.  

This call for art allows one’s individual perception on “Changing Perspectives” themed art.

Here at Her Blaze we have plenty of artists who can provide a unique viewpoint of “changing perspectives”.

Miri Baruch ART is one of those artists. I don’t know about you, but this piece is a perfect fit for this exhibit.

As Priyanka Chopra stated, “whatever it is, you have to show up for the job, and power through”.

That’s exactly what this call for art is all about! 

So, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you have a safe, fun holiday.

Show “thanks” by sharing this blog with your favorite artist so they can participate in this great exhibit! 

Thank You for reading Her Blaze Blog!

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  1. I like this opportunity…the artist judging the artwork is exceptional! I checked out his IG page and couldn’t believe how talented he is. It also makes sense why he is judging this contest.

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