Amadea Kovič (Oct. 2020)

Artist Bio

As an artist, I am combining my background in Art History with environmentalist and feminist topics, predominantly working in pen and ink technique. Building my drawings on contrast between black and white, I am searching for definitions in an increasingly grey world, where borders between what is perceived as right and wrong are continuously blurring. I gain inspiration from floral decorations and poster art of Art Nouveau, combining these influences with my experience of being a young Slovenian woman, an expat, a foreigner. 

Amadea Kovič

I like to think of ways of connecting my academic research interests with my artistic practice, and I believe contemporary art can be a tool of connecting communities in common interests and initiatives. With a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Art History and Slovene studies, I am a culture practitioner at the beginning of my academic as well as artistic career, and I wish to use this bordering position to make lines between art and research more fluid, as I believe my own artistic practice makes me more aware of the trends that I am studying. 

As a first-year PhD student of Culture Studies, I am focusing my ongoing research on contemporary art practice of selected European female artists, with emphasis on the recollection of individual experience of gender stereotyping and discrimination; contemporary art has a vital function of being at the frontline of change in areas of social and economic injustice, raising awareness as well as providing healing effects. By reflecting on her or his personal experience, an artist can provide a possibility for an individual to recognize her or his own struggle within the artwork and progress towards better awareness of one’s own experience.