Andrés Alfonso (Nov. 2020)

Artist Bio

A Santanderean artist born on a Saturday August 27, 1983, Andrés Alfonso entered the Industrial University of Santander and initially enrolled in the School of Philosophy and Letters; Without completing his formal career in philosophy, he decided to enroll later in 2008 at the school of fine arts at said university. Dissatisfied with what was offered by the UIS school of arts, in 2011 Andrés Alfonso settled in the village of Acapulco-Girón, to study in the workshop of master Alexander Alvarado. Later he traveled to Bogotá to visit and study in the workshop of the teacher Andrés Alarcón; Likewise, it receives workshops in Floridablanca / Santander, by the teachers Oscar Duran Barrera and Henry Flórez Soler.

Once he entered the UIS academy of arts, he participated in the different group exhibitions that were held in his years as an arts student. Later, and before finishing his university studies, in 2016 he held his first individual exhibition, at the Casa del Libro Total. Also in 2016, thanks to the SyC publisher, Andrés Alfonso publishes his book Letras Atrapadas en la Noche Elemental – where you can see part of his creative process from the pictorial world and the letters that always accompany it. Andrés has had the opportunity to have part of his artistic work published in the catalog for international artists, such as the printed book: Leonardo 2017 and 2018 published and edited by the Galería Arte Libre, in the city of Zaragoza-Spain. He also participated collectively in the regional event Festival del Centro Con Las Salas Abiertas in 2017, in the French Alliance of Bucaramanga and in December 2019, he presented an individual and independent exhibition in the ZigZag Pelugraphy.

Andrés Alfonso considers himself a student of line, form and color and therefore takes a long time to individually expose his pictorial studies and creative work to the public; since daily he rigorously pursues the search for knowledge and constantly continues in his daily learning; For this reason, he is studying a virtual portrait workshop with the teacher Javier Arizabalo and also receives a MasterClass from the teacher, Jaime Valero; in turn, he is virtually studying realistic drawing with the teacher, Diego Catalán. Inclined by the trade of the painter, Andrés Alfonso tries to show and teach the public, slowly, part of what he is learning in his walk through the world of the arts; Thus, Andrés Alfonso can earn a living as a Painter and Cartoonist without this detracting from the honorable title of: student of color.